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About Us

Ethnolink is Australia's leading professional translation company. Founded in 2011 by Costa Vasili, Ethnolink has disrupted the translation industry in Australia. By working with Australia's leading professional translators and marrying this with the best technology in the world, Ethnolink has developed into the leading agency in Australia.

Where it all started...

The Ethnolink story began as the dream of a young boy in his bedroom in the suburbs of Melbourne. As a child, at bedtime, our founder, Costa Vasili, heard the tales of his dad's journey to Australia from Cyprus at the age of thirteen, in search of a better life.

Hearing of his father's immense struggle to understand a new culture, and to fit in, Costa realised his dad's biggest challenge was learning a new language — English. Costa was saddened that for his dad, participating in everyday Australian life had been harder than he had expected, simply because of language.

Inspired by his dad's stories of pain, struggle and hope, at the age of twenty, Costa decided to start a company that would make information available to Australians in their preferred language.

And so Ethnolink was born — a translation company on a mission to connect the world through language. Today, Ethnolink works with thousands of organisations across Australia, facilitating communication in over 150 languages.

Mission and purpose

Whilst we are a translation agency at heart, we are passionate in making sure that all Australians have access to the information they need, in their preferred language.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect Australia through language.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve multicultural communications in Australia so that language is removed as a barrier to prosperity and social cohesion.

Our values

Better every day

Real relationships

Openness and honesty

Customer service excellence

Can-do attitude

Industries we work in

Whether you need in-language voice overs for community radio or translations of complex mining safety documents into 12 languages, we have the right translators and production experience to get it done. We offer a full suite of services which can be tailored to your industry.

Meet our team

Put a face to the names of the people who work hard to ensure that you receive the highest quality translations and multilingual documents.

Costa Vasili
Costa Vasili CEO & Founder
Cloé Bru
Cloé Bru Senior Translation Strategist
Andrew Kenny
Andrew Kenny Production Manager
Catherine Malvas
Catherine Malvas Country Manager - Philippines
Fabiana Franco
Fabiana Franco Translation Strategist
Mark Gomez
Mark Gomez Quality Manager
Rachael Coulthard
Rachael Coulthard Multicultural Communications Adviser
Bethany Sheahan
Bethany Sheahan Project Manager
Wenxuan Pan
Wenxuan Pan Project Coordinator & Translator
Nadia Boscato
Nadia Boscato Project Coordinator
Rebecca Ozamis
Rebecca Ozamis Team Lead
Belle Ramos
Belle Ramos Team Lead
Jay Ablay
Jay Ablay Localization Project Manager
Jeramie Paco
Jeramie Paco Localization Project Manager
Peter Masaquel
Peter Masaquel Project Coordinator
Marion Chan
Marion Chan Project Coordinator
Betsy Ibarrientos
Betsy Ibarrientos Project Coordinator
Jonasen Marcial
Jonasen Marcial Localization Project Manager
Kathrina Paterno
Kathrina Paterno Financial Controller
Kirk Baldovi
Kirk Baldovi Typesetting Specialist
Clifford Jay Ansok
Clifford Jay Ansok Typesetting Specialist
Emily Tan
Emily Tan Marketing & Communications Officer
Dhapnie Gancia
Dhapnie Gancia Marketing Assistant
Sasa Lagunzad
Sasa Lagunzad Digital Communications Officer
Miranda Crawley
Miranda Crawley People & Culture Manager

Why clients choose us

NAATI Certified translators

We work with over 500 NAATI Certified Translators, and only the best of the best make it onto our panel.

Haven't heard of NAATI?

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the national standards and accreditation body for translators and interpreters in Australia.

Government and community expertise

Our translators are more than just linguists - many have background knowledge and experience working in other industries, such as education, health, finance and law.

We take the time to match the right translator, with specialised knowledge in your domain, to your project, so you'll receive translations that exceed your expectations - everytime.

Memberships and affiliations

We are proud members of the Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC), an organisation which represents the interests of language services providers in Australia and New Zealand. It acts as an independent, collective voice for a highly competitive industry in the face of challenges on commercial, political and economic fronts".

This affiliation means that Ethnolink has made a commitment to upholding professional standards and development of language industry excellence.

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