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Jake Salotti

Indigenous Languages Adviser

Jake brings a wealth of diverse experiences to his role as an Indigenous Languages Adviser at Ethnolink. He was born in Australia to parents of Irish and Italian heritage, and began his career in the civil construction sector after earning a Diploma in Business Administration from TAFE SA. There, he managed major government and local council contracts and projects.

In 2019, Jake crossed paths with the general manager of an Adelaide-based interpreting and translation service, which sparked a newfound passion for translation, particularly with regard to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their rich cultures. He was pivotal in the creation and success of South Australia's first Indigenous language interpreting and translating service.

At Ethnolink, Jake is dedicated to advancing initiatives involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. His personal experiences have fueled a deep passion for ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have access to information and resources in their own languages. He is committed to leading multifaceted language programs that foster inclusivity and celebrate diverse cultures.

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