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Community checking of translated resources

Are you looking to better engage with multicultural communities? We offer a bespoke community checking service whereby we use our established relationships with culturally diverse communities to test your translated resources and gain valuable feedback.

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What is community checking?

Community checking, also known as community validation, is a process whereby you seek feedback on translated resources with target audiences from a range of culturally diverse communities.

Our highly regarded community checking service involves taking your translated resources and seeking specific feedback from your target audience. Through this process, we gain valuable insights which can lead to further cultural adaptation of your translated material, to better meet the information needs of your audience, and to ensure cultural appropriateness of your resources.

Community checking with over 150 culturally diverse communities

When testing translated resources, it's important to distinguish between 'languages' and 'communities'. Think of Australia and the USA. We both speak English, albeit with slight regional differences (g'day mate!) But Australian and USA cultures do differ in many ways. The same can be said, but to a greater extent when it comes to other languages, for example Arabic, Spanish and French where these languages are spoken in diverse regions of the world.

We use our established relationships with over 150 culturally diverse communities to test your translated products. Through this process we can help you gain valuable insights into your target demographic.

A world-class approach to community checking

We have established linkages with over 80 ethno-specific community organisations, language professionals and community ambassadors across Australia. We've built these relationships over a number of years which enables us to solicit constructive feedback. We're able to gain insights from people from a diverse range of backgrounds including:
• culturally diverse established communities
• culturally diverse recent migrants
• linguistically diverse communities, including rare and emerging languages
• culturally diverse seniors
• multicultural youth
• culturally diverse people with disability

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Check out some real-world case studies

Discover how our translation services and multicultural communication solutions help organisations across Australia. Hear from some of our clients and explore our case studies.


R U OK? has taken an important step towards promoting connection and support for seniors by releasing videos and resources in five different languages. Recognising the diverse needs of seniors in the community, these co-created resources are available in Arabic, Greek, Korean, Simplified Chinese,...

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Australian Centre for Disability Law

Australian Centre for Disability Law's (ACDL) Learning Together Toolkit provides tips and resources for students with disability to get the help they need in education. Ethnolink worked together with ACDL to translate 6 Easy Read Guides into 4 languages, helping ACDL bridge communication barr...

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Cancer Council South Australia

To raise awareness of a new self-collection option for Cervical Screening Tests, Cancer Council South Australia (SA) designed a wallet card to provide accessible information for women aged 25 to 74 in South Australia. This wallet card was then proudly translated into 7 languages by Ethnolink's...

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Victorian Disability Worker Commission

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission's (VDWC) is encouraging disability workers to show their commitment to a stronger, safer disability workforce by becoming registered disability workers. Ethnolink worked with the VDWC to translate their resources into 8 languages to enhance accessibil...

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SAMESH CONNECT is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at increasing availability of HIV testing in priority populations. In addition to information and raising awareness, SAMESH Connect provides free HIV self-test kits in key locations. SAMESH was in search of a multicultural communications pro...

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Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) engaged Ethnolink to produce translated resources to help raise awareness about elder abuse in 19 languages. The AHRC was resolved to ensure appropriate and accessible translations for their multicultural users. We tailored a solution that deliver...

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Community Checking FAQs

Of course. We have long-standing relationships with many community organisations. We can leverage these relationships to broaden your understanding of their views on your translated resources.

Working with diverse communities can sometimes take time. However, if you need your community checking project executed quickly, please reach out to us so we can see how we can help.

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