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Cancer Council South Australia

To raise awareness of a new self-collection option for Cervical Screening Tests, Cancer Council South Australia (SA) designed a wallet card to provide accessible information for women aged 25 to 74 in South Australia.

This wallet card was then proudly translated into 7 languages by Ethnolink's team of multilingual experts.

Additionally, Ethnolink conducted multilingual typesetting and community checking to ensure that Cancer Council SA's in-language resources were highly accessible and appropriate for the community.

The client

Cancer Council SA is an independent, non-government organisation and has been supporting South Australians impacted by cancer for more than 90 years. Cancer Council SA are the only cancer charity to work across every aspect of cancer, including prevention, research and support for people across all stages of a cancer experience.

About the project

Industry Community
Services Professional translation, independent checking, Adobe In-design multilingual typesetting, in-context review and community checking
Languages Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Dari, Khmer, Nepali, Thai and Vietnamese
Documents Wallet cards

The challenge

Topics such as cervical cancer in women can be challenging to approach as they are sensitive in nature. These particular resources also included medical illustrations to accompany a set of instructions on how to conduct a self-collection test. Ethnolink and Cancer Council SA were aware that these materials could potentially be deemed inappropriate among communities where such topics were considered taboo or not to be spoken of publically.

Understanding this, Ethnolink proposed our community checking solution, inviting native, literate speakers of each language to provide feedback on the translated assets and share any insights they may have on how this topic may be received by their communities.

The solution

Ethnolink collected feedback from community members in each of the 7 languages we translated Cancer Council SA's wallet cards into. We were pleased to receive positive feedback from community members, as well as some recommendations for future topics to explore. The suggestions and feedback from our community checking process was compiled into a report for Cancer Council SA's review.

Where required, Ethnolink reached out to additional community members to gain further insight and clarity. This ensured that we had a diversity of feedback on our translated resources from within each target community.

The results

The translated wallet cards have undergone thorough quality assurance measures by Ethnolink's team of multilingual experts and typesetter to ensure that information is displayed correctly.

In addition, they are community-validated through our premium community checking process, ensuring that they are not only accurate but also culturally and linguistically appropriate for South Australia's multicultural communities.

They are now available for download on Cancer Council SA's website in 7 languages — Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Dari, Khmer, Nepali, Thai and Vietnamese — supporting women in the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

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