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Subtitling services in over 150 languages

Do you need your video subtitled? Look no further, we can help. We've been providing broadcast quality subtitling services since 2011 in over 150 languages.

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Increase the reach of your videos

Subtitling in 150+ languages

The art of subtitling is something that we have developed significant experience in over the past decade, and is a relatively straightforward and low-cost way of increasing the reach and accessibility of your videos.

We can help you by subtitling your video content in any language that you need assistance with.

Increasing the accessibility of your videos

21% of Australians speak a language other than English, and with videos being a widely preferred way to consume content, it is likely that these multicultural Australians would prefer to access your videos in their preferred language too.

Subtitling ins't exactly the same as translation, as there are different constraints and requirements that need to be considered when subtitling. Luckily for you, we have a team of professionals on-hand to seamlessly produce high quality translations for your multicultural audience.

We'll find the right subtitling professional for your project

We work exclusively with experienced and professional subtitling professionals who are certified translators with extensive experience creating localised and native subtitles for you audience.

With a panel of experienced and professional subtitling professionals, we can be trusted to assist you improve your multicultural communication through subtitles.

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Subtitling services for every industry

As well as providing subtitling services, we assist clients with multicultural communication across a range of sectors.

Check out some real-world case studies

Discover how our translation services and multicultural communication solutions help organisations across Australia. Hear from some of our clients and explore our case studies.

Consumer Policy Research Centre

Our client, Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) had been asked by Austnet, Victoria’s provider of energy delivery services to help boost awareness of energy-saving tips for multicultural Australians. That's where we came in...

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Continence Foundation Australia

We designed a series of 10 multilingual, culturally adapted animated videos for Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) with our partner, Punchy Digital Media — from scratch!

Learn more

Disability Royal Commission

We were proud to work with the Attorney-General's Department to assist the important cause of encouraging culturally and linguistically diverse Australians to share their stories with the Disability Royal Commission. Take a look at the videos we created.

Learn more

Subtitling FAQs

Certainly. We can subtitle any video, in any language, with our network of professional subtitling professionals.

Yes, we can provide hard-coding of subtitles, which we recommend for certain languages which have scripts that can sometimes display incorrectly on certain devices, such as Sinhalese and Burmese.

In other instances, we can simply provide subtitles in SRT files, so that users can toggle between the language they would like the subtitles to appear in.

Talk to our Account Managers to discover which option is best for you and your project.

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