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Our Technology

Our team at Ethnolink have been at the forefront of technological advancements within the translation and localization industry for ten years. Translation companies across the world are adapting — some faster than others — to this new world. We're constantly looking to improve our processes with the help of technology, so like you can benefit from cost-savings and faster turnaround times, whilst still receiving premium quality translations.

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Our clients who benefit from our advanced technology solutions

Human translations powered by technology

CAT tools

A CAT, or Computer-aided translation tool is tools split large multilingual documents into segments (phrases & paragraphs) which are stored in a database.

At Ethnolink, our project management team and team of translators utilise Smartcat as our preferred CAT tool, to speed up our work and increase our productivity. This means we can then pass on reduced costs to you, our valued clients, as well as delivering projects faster, reducing turn-around time.

Ask our Account Management team about how we will be using CAT tools to reduce the costs of your project.

Translation memories

A translation memory is a live database of all your previously translated content. A translation memory technology allows our NAATI certified translators to reuse any text segment that has previously been translated by either themselves, or another translator in the past.

Even if you have not had any content translated previously, CAT tools create a live TM, which can significantly reduce the price of translation due to repetitions in content which TMs can identify, and therefore the same content does not need to be translated multiple times.

The use of translations memories will also improve consistency within a translation and speed up the translation process.

Ask our Account Management team today about how you can benefit from this technology!

Post-edited machine translation (PEMT)

Post-edited machine translation (PEMT) is a type of translation that is becoming more and more popular as the accuracy of machine translation improves.

Where we deem it to be appropriate, we can run your documents through a machine translation tool, to produce a machine translated output. We will then assign a human translator to review, edit and correct this output, to enhance the translation and make sure that it is not only correct, but reads well and is appropriate for the context and audience.

PEMT is significantly cheaper than human translation, but should only be used in some situations, and under strict human supervision.

Talk to our Account Management team today to see if PEMT would be appropriate for your project.

All of our services can benefit from the power of technology

No matter what type of translation services you require, we can utilise our technology to get your premium-quality translations faster, and for significantly less than our competitors.

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Explore our case studies

We are proud to deliver high-quality translation services to Australian government departments, community organisations and businesses. Here are just some of the projects that we've delivered over the past 10 years.


ALMO Milk was looking to expand their Australian almond milk business overseas, but needed multicultural communications experts to make it happen. With the help of Ethnolink, ALMO was able to launch in China and establish a foothold in the world's fastest growing market, leading to a significant ...

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Punchy Digital Media

Ethnolink has been engaged by Punchy Digital Media since 2016 for high-profile video localisation projects involving script translation, voice-overs and subtitles — here's just one of the multilingual animated explainer videos we've produced together, for their client, Intel.

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Translation technology FAQs

Absolutely. Thanks to technology, we can deliver high-quality translations very quickly, to meet your deadline and exceed your expectations.

Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience so that we can assist you promptly.

We provide our clients with several options for translation services, including the option to utilise our translation technology.

We have budget options for instances where the general gist is appropriate, but also options that go through a more rigorous quality assurance process. Talk to our Account Management team today to understand more.

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