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First Nations Foundation

First Nations Foundation's fact sheet provides 7 steps on how to manage a loved one's finances after they pass away, as part of their TomorrowMoney online resource. Translated into Torres Strait Creole, also known as Yumplatok, this fact sheet provides important financial information to individuals and communities during a difficult time.

The client

First Nations Foundation is a not-for-profit Indigenous financial wellbeing foundation led by an Indigenous majority board since 2006.

With a strong trust reputation with both financial and Indigenous community sectors, First Nations Foundation works with Indigenous communities and the finance industry to provide customer-centric financial education, training and information.

About the project

Industry Community
Services Professional translation, Independent checking and review, Final Q&A checks and proofing, Adobe InDesign Typesetting
Languages Torres Strait Creole / Yumplatok
Documents Fact sheets

Our Work

The challenge

Our client is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the financial wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and have numerous online resources on their website to provide assistance to key communities.

In this case, First Nations Foundation was looking to have their resource translated into Torres Strait Creole (or Yumplatok) to distribute in-person with people living in the Torres Strait Islands in an effective and engaging way.

The solution

Our Indigenous Languages Coordinator worked closely with our client to craft an approach that would best suit their requirements.

After an in-depth consultation, taking into consideration that our client would be distributing the resource in-person, we decided to translate First Nations Foundation's fact sheet into Yumplatok, instead of adapting the resource into an in-language audio or audiovisual text (our standard and recommended approach for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander translations).

In addition to the fact that Yumplatok is the most spoken Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language in Australia, by far, our team agreed that this approach would be the most appropriate for First Nations Foundation's and the target audience's needs.

The results

Ethnolink worked with our experienced Yumplatok translators to bring First Nations Foundation's resource across language barriers.

First Nations Foundation's team were able to proudly bring their translated resource to community members in the Torres Strait Islands to share and distribute. Feedback from the community indicated that the resources were very well-received, leading to a successful and informative trip for all stakeholders involved.

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