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Consumer Policy Research Centre

Our client, Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) had been asked by Austnet, Victoria’s provider of energy delivery services to help boost awareness of energy-saving tips for multicultural Australians. That's where we came in...

The client

Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is an independent, not-for-profit, consumer think-tank established with funding by the Victorian Government in 2016. CPRC works closely with policymakers, regulators, academia, industry and the community sector to develop, translate and promote evidence-based research to inform practice and policy change.

About the project

Industry Community
Services Translation, independent checking, voice over typesetting, video production and community checking
Languages Arabic and Vietnamese
Documents Videos and fact sheets

Our Work

The challenge

Raising awareness to help Victorians manage their energy cost was the primary concern of this project. Therefore, CPRC were looking to work with a language provider that would engage community leaders to ensure that any translated content produced would be engaging and appropriate for the audience. Due to the large scope of the project, they also needed a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in multilingual video production.

The solution

After organising a video conference between community leaders and our NAATI certified translators, Ethnolink proceeded with the translation of fact sheets, as well as the production of animated explainer videos in Arabic and Vietnamese. This involved the translation of SRT files, voice over talent selection and voice over recording. Once all of these steps had been taken, the project management team completed the full implementation of subtitles, translated on-screen text and in-language audio, ensuring that all these components were synced with the timing of the video.

The results

Our team was able to deliver premium-quality multilingual animated explainer videos to CPRC, which are now available on a range of Victorian government websites and on YouTube. The videos have been well received by members of the Arabic and Vietnamese speaking communities and have achieved the goal of the campaign.

We also delivered full translation of CPRC's fact sheets professionally matching the layout of the English files thanks to our skilled team of professional typesetters.

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