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Harriet Vaughan

Account Manager

Harriet grew up in Wales, United Kingdom, where she received Welsh-medium education. In high school, she studied German, becoming fascinated with its culture and history.

Entering university was the first time in her education that Harriet was taught in English. She pursued her love for languages, graduating with an undergraduate degree in English Language and German Studies — and going on to complete a Master in Translation.

Since graduating, Harriet has been steadily building a rich skillset and a breadth of knowledge in the UK and Australian translation industries. She has a strong background in multilingual public communications and audiovisual communications projects. As an Ethnolink Account Manager, Harriet is dedicated to helping our clients craft multicultural communications strategies that help bridge cultures and languages.

“I love languages because they simultaneously shape and reflect culture as they continually evolve. Experiencing and studying a different language can be like opening the door of another culture's history as you see the imprints of change over time.”

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