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Rachael Coulthard

Head of Multicultural Communications

Our Head of Multicultural Communications , Rachael, grew up in Melbourne, speaking English at home. Throughout her schooling, Rachael learnt French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese to varying levels of proficiency – but French was her first love.

In 2015, Rachael spent a year living in Paris working as an au pair while immersing herself in the language and culture. When she returned to Melbourne, she dove into a Masters of Interpreting and Translation, becoming NAATI Certified in French to English translation.

Rachael’s Ethnolink story began in 2019 when she joined us for a few months as an intern. But soon after her internship, we were glad to welcome her back as a full-time member of the Ethnolink family.

As Head of Multicultural Communications , Rachael leads the marketing team, producing educational content for our clients and translators. By exploring the intricacies of multicultural communications with them, Rachael strives to help Ethnolink be ‘better every day’.

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