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Jeramie Paco

Project Manager

From the moment Jeramie could walk and talk, she was already speaking in three different languages at her home in the Philippines – Cebuano, Filipino/Tagalog, and English. Code-switching (alternating between several languages in speech) is as natural to her as breathing, and she regularly incorporates several languages as she speaks.

At university, Jeramie studied a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. After she graduated, she started at a publishing company, working with medical journals and research papers. Five years later, she moved on, looking for new experiences to explore — and that was how she found translation. Since then, Jeramie has been fascinated by the insights into different industries that translation offers.

Jeramie joined Ethnolink in 2021 as our Localization Project Manager. As part of her role, she performs rigorous quality assurance checks on our translation products. She loves this part of her job, because it allows her to learn about new topics and languages. Plus, she gets to meet people from all over the world, and learn about their cultures and languages!

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