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Ana Barciela

Account Coordinator

While Ana is Brazilian with a Spanish background, she has lived a truly international life since she was a child. Her father's work took her all over the world, and she has lived in Brazil, Belgium, Chad, Cameroon, Switzerland... and visited many more.

Ana's education is as diverse as the places she's lived in. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in English and Cinema while she lived in Switzerland, and obtained an Advanced Diploma of Screenwriting, Directing and Producing in Sydney. Then, she obtained a Masters of Translation and Interpreting from UNSW.

Ana credits her multicultural upbringing with her love for languages. 'I've always loved the nuances and intricacies of language. When I was little, I would watch English movies with Portuguese or French subtitles, and I would get annoyed! They never get the proper meaning of the sentence right.'

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