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Nil Syril Matula

Quality Manager

As a Quality Project Manager in Ethnolink, Nil brings a robust background in quality assurance and a profound commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Started his first job as a typesetter and worked as a Quality Manager for 4 years in the localisation industry , Nil has a track record of ensuring high-quality outcomes in projects, he extends beyond project management by integrating strategies that foster cross-cultural understanding and inclusivity, resulting in projects that not only meet stringent quality standards but also celebrate the richness of diverse perspectives. Leveraging his expertise in quality assurance, he is dedicated to embedding cultural sensitivity into every facet of project management to create environments that are both efficient and culturally enriching.

As a Quality Manager, Nil is driven by the belief that quality outcomes are inherently linked to diversity, and strive to create project environments that not only meet high standards but also reflect the varied and valuable perspectives of a diverse team.

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