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Costa Vasili

Founder & CEO

Costa Vasili, the visionary founder & CEO of Ethnolink, Australia's largest multicultural communications agency, is a second-generation Australian with a profound passion for fostering social cohesion and prosperity through language. This passion is deeply rooted in his family history and his formative years in the City of Greater Dandenong, one of Australia's most culturally diverse regions.

Costa's parents, George and Chrissie Vasili, played integral roles in shaping his life and career trajectory. His father, a Cypriot immigrant, successfully overcame language barriers and other challenges to establish a flourishing plumbing business in Australia. This narrative of resilience and determination greatly influenced Costa, propelling him to launch Ethnolink at the age of 20 with a clear mission: to eradicate language as a barrier to prosperity and social cohesion.

Throughout his formative years, Costa was deeply enriched by cultural diversity. Raised in Keysborough, he completed his primary schooling in Noble Park and secondary schooling in Dandenong, areas known for their cultural diversity. His close friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, including Greece, Cyprus, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Poland, Italy, South Sudan, Malta, Chile, Afghanistan, and Serbia, shaped his appreciation for different cultures and languages. These experiences formed the foundation of Ethnolink's inclusive ethos.

Costa, recognised as a thought leader in language technology and multicultural communications, frequently provides strategic advice to Government clients. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree with majors in Management & Information Technology from Monash University and serves on several boards, including the Monash University Interpreting & Translation Studies Industry Advisory Board, the Australasian Association of Language Companies, the Melbourne Chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization, and the RMIT Translating and Interpreting Industry Advisory Committee.

Since 2011, Costa has nurtured Ethnolink from a promising start-up into Australia's largest supplier of multicultural communication and translation services in over 150 languages. Under Costa's leadership, Ethnolink has grown to nearly 50 full-time employees and is on track to double its staff headcount to 100 by 2025.

Ethnolink's unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and multicultural communication has gained widespread recognition, establishing its reputation as a trusted provider. A finalist in the 2022 Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards, Costa continues to drive Ethnolink's growth and impact, focusing on impactful campaigns and clients who are making significant contributions to society.

Costa's mother, Chrissie, who was born in Australia to Cypriot immigrants, has been an unwavering pillar of support throughout Ethnolink's journey. Her support and encouragement were invaluable during Ethnolink's early days and remain a source of strength for Costa.

Through Ethnolink, Costa Vasili continues to champion the removal of language barriers and foster social cohesion, carrying forward his father's legacy and demonstrating the transformative power of language.

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