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Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting connects you with a NAATI credentialed interpreter from anywhere in Australia. Telephone interpreting is our most cost-effective interpreting solution, allowing you to overcome language barriers anywhere, any time — and in over 150 languages.

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How does Telephone interpreting work?

Our Telephone Interpreting service provides fast, seamless communication and is best suited to meetings and conversations that don't require visual communication cues.

We'll connect you and your clients with experienced NAATI credentialed interpreters over the phone, no matter where you're located within Australia.

With access to our complete network of NAATI credentialed interpreters, you can break down communication barriers quickly and efficiently via telephone interpreting.

Communicate over the phone in over 150 languages

From Arabic to Chinese, French to Hazaragi — you name a language, we have a team of professional interpreters to assist you.

Our network of Australian-based NAATI credentialed interpreters is made up of native speakers of over 150 languages, so you'll receive natural and professional interpretations in any language you require.

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NAATI credentialed interpreters

We are committed to upholding the high language industry standards in Australia and hence we give preference to NAATI credentialed practitioners in the following order, depending on the language:

• Certified Interpreter
• Certified Provisional Interpreter
• Recognised Practicing Interpreter

For more specialised domains, we aim to engage the following professionals, if certification exists in the required language:

• Certified Specialist Health Interpreter
• Certified Specialist Legal Interpreter
• Certified Conference Interpreter

Regardless of the level of credential, we screen all of our interpreters to ensure have the experience and subject-matter expertise from working in a range of domains and abide by the AUSIT Code of Ethics.

Benefits of Telephone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting is our most cost-effective interpreting solution, and it also boasts a number of benefits, including:

• Fast and convenient access to premium-quality interpreting services
• Same day availability
• Highly affordable due to no travel costs

Talk to one of our Interpreting Strategists to discover how our Telephone Interpreting services can work for you!

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Expert solutions for your industry

Our interpreters are subject-matter experts and shine in business and legal settings.

Regardless of the industry that you operate in, we have the right solution for you.

Case studies

Discover how our multicultural communication solutions help organisations across Australia. Hear from some of our clients and explore our case studies.

Attorney-General's Department

As part of the Attorney-General’s Department’s joint effort with the Office for Women under the Preventing Financial Abuse Project, the Department published a guide to assist separating couples, including couples from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, to proactively manage their ...

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Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

Ethnolink was engaged by the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA), a long-time client since 2016, to provide translation services in 13 languages of Easy Read materials for the Australian Electoral Commission. Together, we were able to assist culturally and linguistically diverse Australian...

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Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) engaged Ethnolink to produce translated resources to help raise awareness about elder abuse in 19 languages. The AHRC was resolved to ensure appropriate and accessible translations for their multicultural users. We tailored a solution that deliver...

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Telephone Interpreting FAQs

Absolutely. We will match you with an interpreter who is NAATI credentialed in the languages you require. Talk to one of our Interpreting Strategists who will be more than happy to confirm our availability in your desired language(s).

Of course! We are strong supporters of the NAATI credentialing system and we work with NAATI credentialed interpreters whenever credentialing exists for a language.

Yes, we are certainly able to do so via our remote options (Video Interpreting and Telephone Interpreting). However, we recommend that you book ahead, where possible, as this allows us to ensure in advance that your meeting will run as smoothly as possible.

Ethnolink and our interpreters are committed to upholding the AUSIT Code of Ethics.

We will not share the details of your booking with a third party outside of what is necessary to ensure your session runs smoothly. All matters discussed in the actual interpreting session remain confidential between you, the client, and the interpreter.

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