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Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing

The Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing engaged Ethnolink to conduct community consultation for a series of community profiles aimed at providing insights into multicultural communities in Victoria. The project sought to ensure the accuracy of information, cultural resonance and inclusivity, and engagement preferences for 37 community profiles. Through targeted consultations with 53 community participants, Ethnolink facilitated valuable feedback to enrich the profiles with authentic insights and perspectives.

The client

The Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing is a key governmental body committed to nurturing social equity and community well-being across Australia. With a core mission centered on ensuring fair and inclusive housing policies, supporting families, and facilitating equitable access to essential services, the department serves as a cornerstone in enhancing the quality of life for all Australians.

About the project

Industry Government
Services Community consultation
Languages 37 community groups
Documents Community profiles

Our Work

The challenge

The challenge for the Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing was to accurately represent diverse communities in their profiles while ensuring cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. With numerous community groups and ancestries to cover, as well as varying communication preferences, there was a need to gather authentic feedback to validate the accuracy of the profiles and identify any errors or omissions. Ensuring that the profiles resonated with each community's unique cultural heritage and preferences was paramount.

The solution

Ethnolink recruited 53 community participants from the target community groups to provide feedback on the profiles via surveys. These surveys were designed to assess the accuracy of ancestry information, evaluate cultural appropriateness, and gather insights into communication and engagement preferences. Ethnolink's extensive experience in multicultural communication ensured that the consultations were conducted sensitively and effectively, fostering open dialogue and authentic feedback from community members.

The results

Through Ethnolink's community consultation and review process, the Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing Community Profiles Project achieved significant results. Community members provided invaluable feedback that enriched the profiles with authentic insights into cultural heritage groups, dialects, and traditions. This collaborative approach not only enhanced the accuracy and cultural relevance of the profiles but also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. The culmination of the project with the publication of the profiles on the Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing website signifies a commitment to promoting inclusivity and honoring the cultural heritage of diverse communities across Australia.

These community profiles are a significant asset for Victorian multiculturalism, serving as an essential resource for anyone involved in community engagement or interested in learning more about Victoria's rich cultural diversity.

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