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Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Ethnolink collaborated with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to address key concepts in the Australian financial system to new migrants and diverse linguistic communities in Australia. ASIC aimed to translate essential financial information into 10 languages with 8 web pages per language. The translated content was destined for a new section on the Moneysmart website, catering to non-English speaking communities.

The client

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the regulatory body of the Australian Government responsible for overseeing and regulating Australia's corporate, markets, and financial services. As a vital government agency, ASIC plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and transparency of financial markets and protecting consumers and investors in Australia.

About the project

Industry Government
Services Professional translation, independent checking, in-context review, social media tiles, Adobe InDesign typesetting and stakeholder pack creation, promotion and distribution
Languages Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Vietnamese, Hazaragi, Swahili, Thai, Arabic and Burmese
Documents Web pages and social media tiles

Our Work

The challenge

The challenge at hand was to bridge the linguistic gap that hindered effective communication about financial matters. A lack of accessible information in native languages posed a barrier for newly arrived migrants with low English literacy, making them vulnerable to financial scams and hindering their integration into the Australian financial landscape.

The solution

Ethnolink devised a comprehensive solution that encompassed translation services for 8 pages of consumer content in 10 languages. The languages included Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Vietnamese, Hazaragi, Swahili, Thai, Arabic, and Burmese. The project involved not only translating the textual content but also creating social media tiles, conducting in-context reviews, typesetting the translated material, and promoting and distributing the content.

The results

By providing essential financial information in 10 languages, the project significantly enhanced the accessibility of crucial financial knowledge to non-English speaking communities. ASIC created a custom CSS for each language based on our advice to ensure that all the information displayed accurately and looks appealing. This initiative played a pivotal role in fulfilling ASIC’s strategic priorities by warning consumers against scams and safeguarding financially vulnerable individuals. The translated content will not only empowered individuals to make informed financial decisions but also supported community settlement workers in their efforts to assist newcomers. This solution fostered financial literacy and inclusivity among diverse communities in Australia.

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