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Professional interpreting services across Australia

We specialise in video and on-site interpreting services throughout Australia. Drawing from our large pool of trusted and talented NAATI credentialed interpreters, we are able to cater to your needs anywhere, any time — and in over 100 languages.

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On-site Interpreting

Whether you require an interpreter to attend a meeting, medical appointment or court hearing, we'll schedule a NAATI credentialed interpreter to attend and provide professional face-to-face interpretation.

We are committed to providing a seamless communication experience for all parties and will always do our best to ensure that the interpreter who attends is not only experienced, but professional in helping you to overcome communication barriers.

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Video Interpreting

Our Video Interpreting service provides fast, seamless communication, whilst maintaining visual communication cues.

We can use your preferred video conference platform, such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meets, to connect you and your clients with experienced NAATI credentialed interpreters virtually, no matter where you're located within Australia. Alternatively, our team can host the session for you on Zoom.

With access to our complete network of NAATI credentialed interpreters, you can break down communication barriers whilst still achieving human connection via video remote interpreting.

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Telephone Interpreting

Our Telephone interpreting service is a quick and easy way for you to overcome any language barrier.

We specialise in pre-booked telephone interpreting appointments as a quick and easy way to connect you with an experienced, NAATI credentialed interpreter, over the phone, facilitating communication between all parties.

What's more? Telephone interpreting is a cost-effective solution compared with traditional on-site interpreting. It's a simpler and more accessible way to communicate across languages.

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Conference Interpreting

We are proud to work with highly experienced and skilled conference interpreters to provide premium-quality conference interpreting services and remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) services.

Whether it be an international conference, high-level multilateral dialogue or an important business meeting with international stakeholders, our experienced conference interpreters will ensure all parties can communicate clearly and efficiently.

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Expert solutions for your industry

Our interpreters are subject-matter experts and shine in business and legal settings.

Regardless of the industry that you operate in, we have the right solution for you.

Case studies

Discover how our multicultural communication solutions help organisations across Australia. Hear from some of our clients and explore our case studies.

Consumer Policy Research Centre

Our client, Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) had been asked by Austnet, Victoria’s provider of energy delivery services to help boost awareness of energy-saving tips for multicultural Australians. That's where we came in...

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Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women's health. Ethnolink was approached to help Jean Hailes communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse women — here's what we delivered.

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Jean Hailes — National Women's Health Survey 2022

Ethnolink and Jean Hailes worked together to make Jean Hailes's annual National Women's Health Survey in 4 different languages for the first time since its launch — English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese. Additionally, Ethnolink led the multilingual social media advertisement camp...

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Interpreting services FAQs

Absolutely. We will match you with an interpreter who is NAATI certified in the languages you require. Talk to one of our Interpreting Strategists who will be more than happy to confirm our availability in your desired language(s).

Of course! We are strong supporters of the NAATI credentialing system and we work with NAATI certified interpreters whenever credentialing exists for a language.

Yes, we are certainly able to do so via our remote options (Video Interpreting and Telephone Interpreting). However, we recommend that you book ahead, where possible, as this allows us to ensure in advance that your meeting will run as smoothly as possible.

Ethnolink and our interpreters are committed to upholding the AUSIT Code of Ethics.

We will not share the details of your booking with a third party outside of what is necessary to ensure your session runs smoothly. All matters discussed in the actual interpreting session remain confidential between you, the client, and the interpreter.

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