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Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Ethnolink collaborated with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to enhance accessibility and awareness of their Self-Employment Assistance program. This initiative involved comprehensive research, community consultation, translation, and creation of culturally relevant videos and communication assets in five languages including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. The aim was to engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities and encourage participation in the Self-Employment Assistance program.

The client

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, a key agency within the Australian Government, is dedicated to fostering a thriving and inclusive labor market while promoting fair workplace relations across the country. Tasked with developing policies and programs to support employment opportunities, improve workplace conditions, and facilitate skills development, the department plays a vital role in advancing Australia's economic and social prosperity.

About the project

Industry Government
Services Multilingual typesetting, translation, live video production, transcription, community consultation, graphic design, subtitling, community checking and in-context review
Languages Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese
Documents Case study, flyer, infographics, videos and social media tiles

The challenge

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations faced the challenge of effectively communicating the benefits and objectives of the Self-Employment Assistance program to diverse linguistic and cultural groups. This included ensuring that the program resonated with individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds and existing business owners. Additionally, maintaining cultural sensitivity and relevance across languages and communities presented a significant hurdle.

The solution

Ethnolink devised a multi-stage approach to address the challenges. Beginning with targeted research to identify languages and cultural nuances, Ethnolink then conducted extensive consultations in English to gather insights and inform the creative direction of the videos. These consultations included 1-on-1 Zoom interviews with members of the target communities, resulting in detailed reports and draft scripts tailored to each language and cultural context. Our team coordinated live video production and organised interpreters to be available in person for the filming.

In the translation and video creation stage, Ethnolink ensured linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity while adhering to the program's tone and visual style. Collaborating closely with the Department, Ethnolink managed the translation, video production, asset creation, stakeholder kit development, and community checking processes. This involved engaging local talent for filming, on-site interpreter support for quality checks, and community reviews to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

The results

The collaborative efforts between Ethnolink and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations yielded significant results. The translated and culturally adapted videos, communication products, and stakeholder kits effectively engaged the target audience, resulting in increased awareness and uptake of the Self-Employment Assistance program among multicultural communities and other target cohorts. The initiative not only facilitated access to vital government resources for diverse groups but also fostered inclusivity and empowerment within these communities, ultimately contributing to the program's success and the broader goal of supporting small business development and entrepreneurship.

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