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Lessons Learned from High-Profile Translation Blunders

by Rachael Adams

About the lesson:

Lessons Learned from High-Profile Translation Blunders is designed specifically for government and communication professionals, that delves deep into some of the most notorious translation blunders in recent history.

Our lesson explores:

  • A detailed deconstruction of high-profile translation missteps in past campaigns
  • Guidance on how to avoid similar mistakes in your own campaigns and projects
  • An introduction to the ISO 17100 Translation Services standard
  • The importance of working with an ISO certified agency
  • Insights into the benefit of involving the community in your campaign or project

Length: 60 minutes

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Who is this lesson for?

This lesson is best suited for individuals working in the government and not-for-profit sector, but it is ideal for anyone who is interested in understanding how they avoid their own translation blunders.

The cornerstones of your work may be:

CALD Engagement, Community Engagement, Digital Communications, Marketing & Communications, Content Design, Copywriting, Campaign Design, Digital Campaigns, Strategic Communications, Advocacy & Policy, Community Education, Cultural Diversity.


Costa Vasili

CEO and Founder of Ethnolink, Costa works regularly with government and private-sector clients to advise them on best practices in CALD engagement strategy. He is a thought leader in multicultural communications, with over ten years of experience in the translation and localization industry.

Shereen Ghali

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Shereen is an enthusiastic translation professional who loves sharing her passion for languages and people. Before working with Ethnolink, Shereen worked as a highly successful audiovisual translation project manager and a freelance NAATI-certified Arabic translator. Today, her unique skillset is being put to full use as a Ethnolink’s Head of Community Engagement.