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Ensuring quality in community translations

by Rachael Coulthard

About the lesson:

Ensuring quality in community translations, is designed specifically for government and communication professionals, that showcases strategies and best practices to achieve quality translations to effectively communicate with multicultural audiences.

Our lesson explores:

  • Understanding quality in translation
  • Factors that influence translation quality
  • Strategies for achieving high-quality translations
  • Techniques for quality assurance
  • Cultural adaptation

Length: 60 minutes

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Who is this lesson for?

This lesson is best suited for individuals working in the government and not-for-profit sector, but it is ideal for anyone who is interested in understanding the effect that community perspectives have in our co-designing process, ensuring that our multicultural communications strategies are inclusive and effective.

The cornerstones of your work may be:

CALD Engagement, Community Engagement, Digital Communications, Marketing & Communications, Content Design, Copywriting, Campaign Design, Digital Campaigns, Strategic Communications, Advocacy & Policy, Community Education, Cultural Diversity.


Cloé Bru

Cloé is a Head of Account Management and works with clients to advise on language, culture and translation strategy. She is also a NAATI Certified French translator and interpreter.

Bethany Sheahan

Bethany is our experienced Head of Production at Ethnolink. She oversees a team of project managers to ensure that all deliverables are of a high-quality and is also a NAATI Certified Spanish to English translator.