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Ethnolink Shares Expert Multicultural Health Communications Advice

Last week, our resident multicultural communications expert, Rachael Coulthard, shared her expert advice with Bachelor of Human Nutrition students at Flinders University as part of their ‘public communications in nutrition’ studies.

Karissa Deutrom, director of Dieticians Do Media and a teacher of Human Nutrition has long been a supporter of Ethnolink, and reached out to give Rachael an opportunity to share her advice about communicating health information to diverse audiences.

“I was thrilled to be asked by Karissa to share my experience and advice with her students. I am very passionate about health and nutrition, and I wholeheartedly believe that all Australians should have equal access to exceptional health care, regardless of the language they speak,” says Rachael Coulthard, Ethnolink’s Marketing and Communications Officer.

If you’re interested in hearing Rachael’s expert advice for health practitioners who want to better communicate health advice to multicultural Australians, you can watch the interview here.

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