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CEO of Ethnolink named among Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs

In an astonishing and humbling announcement, Ethnolink’s founder and CEO, Costa Vasili, has been named in the 2024 Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs list by Business News Australia, sharing the stage with iconic entrepreneurs like Canva’s Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht.

This recognition marks a significant milestone in Vasili’s journey, which began with growing up in the City of Greater Dandenong 13 years ago when he founded Ethnolink from his childhood home at just 20 years old.

Reflecting on the nomination, Vasili shared his overwhelming gratitude and surprise, never having imagined that his venture would see him ranked alongside such esteemed company. “Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be mentioned in the same breath as the co-founders of Canva,” Vasili expressed, highlighting the humbling nature of this accolade.

Driven by the migration stories of his grandparents and father, Vasili’s initial vision was to simplify and enrich the migrant experience in Australia—a vision that has propelled Ethnolink to become the nation’s leading multicultural communications agency. Through their work, Ethnolink has crafted impactful communications, and provided translation and transcreation services for government and NFP clients, fostering connections with multicultural and First Nations communities.

Vasili’s personal reflection emphasises the collective effort behind Ethnolink’s success: “We’ve achieved so much thanks to the unparalleled dedication of our strategists, project managers, translators, community members, copywriters, and designers. It’s a collective effort.” He also extends his gratitude towards the supportive network of clients, friends, and family that has fuelled Ethnolink’s journey.

As Ethnolink looks toward its future, the company is poised for its next phase of growth, investing in AI-powered translations to set new standards in the industry.

Costa Vasili comments on this exciting development, stating, “As we embrace the next chapter, our focus on integrating AI technology into human-centred workflows will increasingly become a priority. We’re committed to ethical and appropriate use if AI to help support a sustainable language services industry in Australia.”