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Ethnolink announces groundbreaking technology for multilingual campaigns

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Ethnolink Edge™, our latest innovation designed to streamline the initiation, planning, and execution of multilingual campaigns across Australia. 

After more than 18 months of development, and a soft launch 6 months ago, Ethnolink Edge™ is live. Developed in-house by our team at Ethnolink, our new system is an absolute game-changer for delivering high-quality translations and managing multicultural communications projects at scale!

We searched far and wide for an off-the-shelf solution that would meet our needs for the Australian context and our unique approach to project management, but found nothing suitable, so we built Ethnolink Edge™.

This system aims to boost operational efficiency in the creation of in-language campaigns, with future enhancements set to include artificial intelligence.

The benefits

Quicker project delivery

With Ethnolink Edge™, project initiation, planning, and execution are streamlined, leading to faster turnaround times. The platform’s smart algorithms efficiently match projects with the most suitable translators from our extensive group of professionals, reducing delays and ensuring timely delivery of multilingual campaigns.

Reduced project delivery costs

Ethnolink Edge™ optimises resource allocation and enhances operational efficiency, resulting in cost savings throughout the project lifecycle. By automating certain processes and improving the assignment of professionals to projects, we can minimise unnecessary expenses and deliver high-quality multilingual campaigns at a lower cost.

Improved assignment of professionals to projects

Ethnolink Edge™ leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently match projects with the most appropriate translators based on their experience and specific skill sets. This ensures that each project is handled by experts who are best suited to the task, leading to improved quality, accuracy, and cultural relevance in the final deliverables.

Costa Vasili

Costa Vasili, CEO of Ethnolink and recently recognised as one of Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs, outlined the system’s advantages, saying, “We see a future where translators, diverse community members, and cutting-edge technology work hand in hand to and execute multilingual campaigns that create impact across Australia.”

Vasili added, “As the only multicultural communications agency in Australia certified under ISO 17100 for Translation Services, our main focus is to improve how we deliver high-quality multilingual campaigns at scale. Ethnolink Edge™ has been pivotal in enabling us to offer transcreated campaigns more efficiently, cost-effectively, and with enhanced quality.”

With our dedicated team of over 50 full-time staff members, is currently involved in several significant multilingual campaigns, including for the NSW State Emergency Service.

Looking to the future, Vasili explained the roadmap for Ethnolink Edge™: “The next development phase will concentrate on integrating AI capabilities to further enhance the accuracy of our translator assignments, improve integration of community feedback into campaigns, and improve in-language messaging developed for culturally adapted campaigns.”

Get in touch with our team to learn more about this new technology and how you can enhance your engagement with multicultural audiences.