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Professional Korean translation services

Looking for affordable, fast and professional Korean translation services that don't compromise on quality? Look no further. We have a team of experienced and professional NAATI certified Korean translators on stand-by, ready to swiftly and accurately translate your documents for a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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NAATI certified Korean translations

Some of the most commonly requested documents that we translate include birth certificates, identification cards and academic transcripts. Because all of our translators are NAATI Certified, you can have peace of mind to know that our Korean translation services are world-class. We guarantee that your NAATI certified Korean translations will be accepted by any Australian authority or Government department.

Personal Korean document translation

We’ll organise your NAATI certified Korean translations of the following documents:

• Korean Birth Certificate Translation
• Korean Marriage Certificate Translation
• Korean Police Check Translation
• Korean Driver Licence Translation
• Korean Diploma Translation
• and more — just ask us!

Corporate Korean translation services

Need translation services to extend the reach of your organisation, but not sure where to start? Navigating Korean translations is tricky, especially if you aren’t familiar with the Korean language or culture.

Our corporate professional Korean translation service for Australian businesses, community organisations and government departments including but not limited to the translation of legal documents, marketing material, health publications, engineering manuals and websites. So take the guesswork out of translation — let our Korean translation experts take over and manage your project from start to finish.

Korean translation services for every industry

Whether you need Korean voice overs for community radio or legal documents translated between Korean and English, we have the right people and experience to get it done.

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Discover projects we've delivered for client's just like you

For over 10 years, we've been helping our clients by sourcing the most suitable translators for their projects, and delivering a premium-quality end product. Check out some of our work below.


ALMO Milk was looking to expand their Australian almond milk business overseas, but needed multicultural communications experts to make it happen. With the help of Ethnolink, ALMO was able to launch in China and establish a foothold in the world's fastest growing market, leading to a significant ...

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Disability Royal Commission

We were proud to work with the Attorney-General's Department to assist the important cause of encouraging culturally and linguistically diverse Australians to share their stories with the Disability Royal Commission. Take a look at the videos we created.

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Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women's health. Ethnolink was approached to help Jean Hailes communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse women — here's what we delivered.

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Korean translation FAQ

Korean is the national language in South Korea and North Korea, with different standardised forms used in each country. Korean is also spoken in some regions of China, Russian and Central Asia.

There are an estimated 77 million native speakers of Korean, most of whom reside in either South Korea or North Korea.

Korean is written in a unique script known as Hangul in South Korea and Chosŏn'gŭl in North Korea.

In 2016, the Census recorded 108,994 Korean speakers in Australia. This number has grown by nearly 70,000 since the beginning of the century, making Korean the 12th most widely spoken langauge besides English in the country.

You can send us your documents in whatever format you have - a PDF, Word file, scan, or a photo. As long as the text is readable and clear, our professional translators can translate it for you. But before that happens, our Translation Strategists will analyse them and provide you with a personalised quote. 

If you have any specific requirements, let us know and we will do our absolute best to accommodate.

Yes, they are. We only work with native Korean-speaking translators, who are highly experienced and NAATI certified, to ensure optimum quality in the translations you receive.

Probably not. As Korean is written in a different script, it is likely that the length of text will change during translation between Korean and English. Our translation specialists will be able to advise and guide you on this, so that the end product still matches your expectations.

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