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Ethnolink Summit 2023 drives multicultural communications change in Canberra and Sydney

Ethnolink, Australia’s leading multicultural communications agency, recently hosted Ethnolink Summit 2023, a groundbreaking multicultural communications summit, in Canberra and Sydney.

Attended by over 170 professionals across Government, community and private sectors, the events provided a vibrant platform for like-minded individuals to learn, network, and gain insights into the best practices for engaging with multicultural audiences.

Dr Erika Gonzalez speaks at the podium at CULTURELINK.
Dr Erika Gonzalez presents at Ethnolink Summit 2023 — Canberra.

The attendees had the opportunity to hear from engaging panellists and listen to an inspiring presentation from the keynote speaker, Dr Erika Gonzalez.

As an Associate Professor at RMIT University and immediate past-President of AUSIT, Erika’s presentation built on her rich insights and experience, bringing incredible value to all Ethnolink Summit attendees.

From left to right, Mercedes Dent, Costa Vasili, Sharon Akinyi, and Dorian Detragiache, engaging in a panel discussion at Ethnolink Summit 2023 — Canberra.

Ethnolink Summit 2023 also featured a diverse range of speakers, including:

  • Mercedes Dent, Department of Health and Aged Care (Canberra)
  • Sharon Akinyi, Department of Health and Aged Care (Canberra)
  • Dorian Detragiache, Punchy Digital Media (Canberra)
  • Anthony Lam, Punchy Digital Media (Sydney)
  • Louise Shepherd, Infrastructure New South Wales (Sydney)
  • Costa Vasili, Ethnolink (Canberra & Sydney)

The lively panel discussion was another highlight of the event, featuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions, and offering alternative solutions to common multicultural communications challenges.


The team behind Ethnolink Summit

The Ethnolink team stands, smiling, in front of a media wall at CULTURELINK 2023. From left to right, Fabiana Franco, Emily Tan, Costa Vasili, Rachael Coulthard, Ana Barciela, and Cloé Bru.
From left to right, Fabiana Franco, Emily Tan, Costa Vasili, Rachael Coulthard, Ana Barciela, and Cloé Bru at Ethnolink Summit 2023 — Sydney.

Since its establishment in 2011, Ethnolink has been dedicated to connecting Australia through language and promoting cultural diversity and communication.

With a team of over 45 passionate language professionals, including translation project managers, multilingual typesetters, multicultural communications strategists and translators, Ethnolink’s work has leading the way to creating positive and tangible differences for Australia’s diverse communities.

Ethnolink Summit is Ethnolink’s next step towards fulfilling their mission of removing language barriers to social cohesion and prosperity.

The successful events in Canberra and Sydney this year, as well as the inaugural Melbourne event in November 2022, have demonstrated beyond doubt that the importance and appetite for multicultural communications training within the Australian communications industry are evident and only continue to grow.