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Orygen's #chatsafe resources are part of their campaign to develop the world's first set of evidence-informed tools and tips designed to support young people to communicate safely online about suicide.

These resources were co-designed and developed in partnership with hundreds of stakeholders. Ethnolink contributed our language expertise to translate Orygen's #chatsafe guidelines into 11 languages.

Explore how we brought #chatsafe guidelines across cultures!

The client

Orygen is a leading organisation in creating meaningful and impactful change in youth mental health. In addition to providing a full range of support services for young people who are struggling with mental health, Orygen's pioneering research aims to revolutionise the way we approach the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

About the project

Industry Community
Services Professional translation, independent checking, in-context review, Adobe InDesign Typesetting
Languages Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Greek, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese
Documents 28-page online booklet

The challenge

The #chatsafe campaign was co-designed by Orygen and over 200 young people to provide advice on how to talk safely about suicide online. Suicide is a challenging topic at the best of times — but different communities may also have differing understandings of suicide and the nuances of the topic.

Orygen was searching for a multicultural communications agency with the unique insight needed to culturally adapt their campaign to multicultural youth communities in Australia. Ethnolink shared our expertise with Orygen to deliver exactly that.

The solution

Ethnolink's Translation Strategists proposed a tailored solution, based on our extensive work with multilingual digital resources. Orygen provided us with their editorial style guidelines, which we applied throughout the translation process to ensure consistency and accessibility across languages.

Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of the material, we also took additional measures to recruit appropriate translators, reaching out to them to advise of the topic and ensure that our translators were not only confident but also comfortable with working with the documents.

The results

The documents underwent a thorough review by Ethnolink's Production team, a standard and required process for all of our translations. Additionally, we conducted in-context reviews to ensure that the final documents displayed correctly on Orygen's website.

The fully translated and typeset guides are available now on Orygen's webpage in 11 languages.

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