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Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women's health. Ethnolink was approached to help Jean Hailes communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse women — here's what we delivered.

The client

Jean Hailes is a non-profit women’s health organisation that was founded 25 years ago. The organisation works in public health, research, clinical services and policy. They use their grounding in this space to convert high-level research documents into practical and easy-to-understand information for women and health professionals. Their aim is “to inspire confidence to create a healthier future for all women.”

About the project

Industry Community and healthcare
Services Translation with multilingual typesetting and cultural adaptation of images
Languages English to Chinese (Simplified), Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, Greek, Farsi, Turkish, Sinhalese, Tamil and Dari
Documents Fact sheets and research and medical evidence

"The thing that struck me with Ethnolink was their professionalism, and I was really impressed with the strategic plan that they put forth prior to the project. The team were really flexible, easygoing, I feel like we developed a really good partnership together."

Renea Camilleri Senior Project Coordinator

The challenge

Jean Hailes had a broad understanding of the audience with whom they wanted to engage, but needed guidance choosing the right languages for their project. Jean Hailes had a variety of previously translated material but there was a lack of understanding as to why certain languages were chosen on previous projects or an overarching strategy for language selection. It was also important for Jean Hailes that the translated fact sheets were of the highest quality, mirroring the time and effort that were put into the original English fact sheets. Because Jean Hailes were reliant on Ethnolink to produce the translations, they needed to feel a certain level of trust in the quality assurance process.

The solution

The team at Ethnolink helped dissect data relating to languages spoken in Victoria and migration trends. Based on that, Ethnolink worked with Jean Hailes to understand the audience of each fact sheet and suggested suitable languages to meet the needs of the intended audiences.

Discussions were held between Jean Hailes and Ethnolink to outline the standard quality assurance processes. We also offered Jean Hailes, the opportunity to have the translations reviewed internally and by community stakeholders to ensure that community feedback was taken into consideration.

Following this, Ethnolink were responsible for the overall graphic design of the documents, including the insertion of culturally-appropriate imagery.

The results

Fact sheets were translated accordingly, based on its market target. Example is the menopause fact sheet which was geared towards older women, thus, it was translated to older language groups such as Greek and Italian. Other fact sheets were translated into languages emerging in Australia to address the target market which are younger women.

Ethnolink was able to deliver higher overall quality translation resulting in client satisfaction.

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health continues to partner with Ethnolink for all of their multicultural communication needs.

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