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Department of Health, Victorian Government

Ethnolink worked alongside the Department of Health, Victoria to translate and implement the Engage Victoria survey as well as discussion guides on improving women's health into eight different languages. This important initiative aimed to ensure inclusivity and gather diverse perspectives from Victoria's multicultural community. By breaking language barriers, Ethnolink enabled the Department of Health, Victoria, to engage with a broader audience and comprehend the unique health needs of women from various linguistic backgrounds.

The client

The Department of Health, Victoria, is a leading government agency dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the residents of Victoria, Australia. Through innovative initiatives and strategic healthcare policies, the department strives to ensure accessible, high-quality healthcare services and promote a healthier future for the community.

About the project

Industry Government
Services Professional translation, independent checking, content population and in-context review
Languages Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese Traditional, Italian, Arabic, Punjabi, Turkish, Hazaragi and Khmer
Documents Online survey and discussion guides

Our Work

The challenge

Victoria's culturally diverse population posed a significant language barrier, making it challenging for the Department of Health to collect nuanced and accurate responses regarding women's health concerns. It was imperative to break through these linguistic challenges to ensure every woman's voice was heard, regardless of the native language. The project also required website formatting and implementation to accurately display the translated information for the user.

The solution

We worked with NAATI credentialed translators in the languages selected and had undergone independent checking to ensure that the translation maintained the survey's integrity and intent across all languages. Additionally, some translations were populated onto the hosting site by our in-house team, and went through an in-language review process, including website testing to ensure that all translations are displaying correctly and were easily comprehensible to respondents from the selected linguistic backgrounds. This approach guaranteed that the survey resonated with the unique perspectives of each linguistic community.

The results

The translated Engage Victoria survey successfully reached and engaged women from Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese Traditional, Italian, Punjabi, Turkish and Khmer-speaking communities, with additional languages for the discussion guides. The responses collected will provide the Department of Health, Victoria, with invaluable insights into the health concerns, needs, and aspirations of these diverse groups.

This inclusivity not only strengthens the survey's data but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among women from multicultural backgrounds. The results will enable the Department of Health to implement targeted initiatives, improve healthcare services, and address the specific health challenges faced by culturally diverse women in Victoria.

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