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Attorney-General's Department

As part of the Attorney-General’s Department’s joint effort with the Office for Women under the Preventing Financial Abuse Project, the Department published a guide to assist separating couples, including couples from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, to proactively manage their debts in the context of a relationship breakdown.

Ethnolink was proud to contribute to this important project by providing professional NAATI translation services into 6 languages — Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi and Filipino.

The client

The Attorney-General's Department is a key department of the Australian Government. The Department oversees programs and policies to maintain and improve Australia's law and justice framework. Through its work, the Department improves social welfare and safety for all Australians.

About the project

Industry Government
Services Professional translation, independent checking, Adobe InDesign typesetting, and PDF Accessibility tagging
Languages Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi and Filipino
Documents 68-page online guide

The challenge

One of the main challenges in this project was the length of the guide (68 pages). Our team was particularly concerned about maintaining consistency throughout the document. Given the size of the project, we were also aware that even slight tweaks in formatting or punctuation could result in long hours spent ensuring that the changes were consistently implemented.

The solution

To smooth the translation, typesetting and proofreading processes as much as possible, our team conducted a thorough pre-translation review. We identified any potential issues that might cause confusion during translation and provided suggestions to the Department as needed.

Additionally, Ethnolink maintained close communication with the Department throughout this process, with one person on our team serving as the primary point of contact. This enabled information and feedback to be streamlined and organised, so that Ethnolink's communications with the Department proceeded smoothly.

The results

Through establishing open, honest communication, Ethnolink was able to work successfully with the Department to deliver a premium-quality translation.

The 'Separating with Debt' guide is now available in 6 languages on the Department's website. Ethnolink is proud to have worked on this project, which we believe will make a real, positive impact on the lives of culturally and linguistically diverse people throughout Australia.

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