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Academics explore multilingual communications strategies for CALD communities

by Emily Tan

About the lesson:

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Academics explore multilingual communications strategies for CALD communities is for Government and Not-For-Profit professionals.

In particular, many of the key points covered in this lesson are drawn from key research into COVID-19 communications.

It is highly relevant to professionals who are looking to improve their efforts in health and emergency communications.

Length: 60 minutes

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Who is this lesson for?

This lesson is best suited for individuals working in the government and not-for-profit sector, but it is ideal for anyone interested in understanding multilingual communications strategies for public health and emergency communications.

The cornerstones of your work may be:

CALD Engagement, Community Engagement, Digital Communications, Campaign Design, Digital Campaigns, Strategic Communications, Advocacy & Policy, Community Education, Cultural Diversity.


Dr Jim Hlavac

Dr Jim Hlavac is a Senior Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Monash University. He is also a NAATI Certified Croatian and German translator and interpreter. His research explores how multicultural communities — in particular, vulnerable groups such as refugees and asylum seekers — access and engage with essential health information.

Dr Erika Gonzalez-Garcia

Dr Erika Gonzalez-Garcia is a Senior Lecturer and the Program Manager of RMIT’s Master in Translation and Interpreting course. Additionally, she is the present of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), the national association for the translation and interpreting profession.

Dr Marc Orlando

Dr Marc Orlando is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Translation and Interpreting Program at Macquarie University, as well as a NAATI Certified French Conference Interpreter. He has worked closely with NAATI to explore public health messaging in translation and how to produce source texts for more effective and higher-quality translations.

Dr Helen Skouteris

Dr Helen Skouteris is the Monash Warwick Alliance Joint Professor of Health and Social Care Improvement and Implementation Science and one of the leading scholars and researchers in public and social health. Her extensive research delves into public health messaging, community engagement with youth and at-risk groups, communicating with culturally and linguistically diverse audiences and more.