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French Voice Over Artists for Australian organisations

French Voice Over Artists

If you don’t speak the French language, then how can you get professional French talents who have native accents? Easy! By choosing EthnoLink Language Services!

With EthnoLink Language Services, you get voice over talents with years of experience in the industry. Our pool of expert artists is great at providing top-quality voice overs. You are guaranteed to receive high-quality and accurate audio that your French audience is going to love!

Need Belgian or Canadian French?

Today, there are more than 7 million Canadians and around 4 million Belgians who are native French speakers. If you want to grow and expand your business, why not target the French-speaking community? It’s critical that you localise content for marketing and entertainment for Belgium and Canada to reflect the local’s vocabulary and accent. Plus, it’s a good practice as well for e-Learning and corporate materials.

Contact us directly for talent samples.

Ready To Get Started?

Are you looking for the perfect voice for your project? Look no further!

EthnoLink Language Services has a team of handpicked French voice over artists. So why not start searching today and listen to the industry’s best talents?

As an established language services provider, EthnoLink Language Services has been providing professional French voice-overs for the whole of Australia. Not only that but as a 100% online languages provider, we can provide lower rates for our services. We have the most competitive prices in the industry.

Whether it’s for advertising, documentary, IVR or eLearning, we can help provide you with the most qualified French voice-over talent for the project.

Why Choose Us

Not sure where to turn to for your French audio localisation? Turn to EthnoLink Language Services.

Tap into the French audience with the help of a native French voice over talent. It’s not as complicated as it would seem. With EthnoLink Language Services, we can provide you with the best voice over artist. And by the time you receive your file, it will be exactly what you wanted.

International Talent Pool

With our list of hundreds of voice talents, we can assure you that you get native fluency and quality voice overs.

Native fluency is one of the most important factors in having a successful French voice-over recording. Our voice over talents is comprised of fully native French speakers and skilled voice artists who will delight your target audience.

Secure Data

We understand how important as an asset your data is which is why we provide a secure system and data processes, as well as implement a rigorous internal data safety procedure.

More Languages

Do you have a multilingual project? We accommodate Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese and over 100 other languages – all with accuracy, native fluency and high quality.

Fast And Affordable

EthnoLink Language Services helps you find the artist that’s right for your project. Enjoy a fast and professional voice over service for each of your projects and pay the lowest rates.

Friendly Customer Service

Do you need anything? Do you have any questions? Our Live Chat is open 24/7 to accommodate any of your needs and queries. Contact us using the chat and we’ll reply in a few minutes. You can count on us!

French Voice Over Services We Provide

  • Clean Read
  • Narration
  • Corporate
  • Entertainment
  • Webinars
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Dubbing for Films
  • Game Localisation
  • E-Learning
  • Commercial
  • Promo
  • Movie Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of voice-over project can you provide me?

We can help you with any of your voice-over projects. As long as it speaks, we can assist you. Let us know what project you have and we’ll provide you with the best French voice over talents.

How quickly can I get a voice-over recorded?

The answer to this question depends on the language and complexity of your project. However, our voice over projects usually has an average turn around time of 2 to 3 working days. But if you need your voice over done in a rush, we can prioritise your project and complete it before your deadline. Just let us know.

How will I receive the voice-over recording?

We can send you the audio as a raw and unedited file, or we can edit, clean, name and deliver you the audio in any resolution and format you require.

Not only that but we can also re-integrate the audio back to the video, as well as encode the final video in any resolution and video file format that you need.

What should I supply for my voice recording project?

Just send us your script and video files.

Are your French voice over artists native speakers?

Yes, they are. We have only chosen native speakers for our voice over services.

About French Voice Overs

Here’s a quick trivia. Did you know that the French language is 20 percent longer than the English language? So you can expect a 60-second English commercial to be 72 seconds long in the French language.

French voice overs usually involve several distinct accents. There are more than 12 different accents and dialects in the French language from several regions of France and its other colonies which is often considered as Neutral French.

The former French colonies speak their own local languages aside from the French language (even though it’s the national language). In the former Asian French colonies, the English language is more commonly understood while the former African French colonies still have the French language as a dominant language.

When it comes to French’s most important dialects, there’s the Quebecois, Swiss French, and Neutral French. The Neutral French and Quebecois are very much different from one another. In fact, the speakers can’t understand each other most of the time. On the other hand, the Neutral French and Swiss Frech only have minor differences.

When you are working with French voice over artists, you have a lot of things to consider just like with other languages. You have to know what your goal is, who your audience is and how to adapt your script.

EthnoLink is a voice over services provider in Australia that’s not only restricted to the English language. If you are in need of French voice over artists, we can help you from the initial translation to the final recording sessions.