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Are you looking for the best Arabic voice over artists in Australia? You have come to the right place!

EthnoLink Language Services specialises in producing expert-quality voice recordings in super fast turnaround times at the most affordable rates. Whatever the project, be it an explainer video, a radio commercial, e-learning or training video or an IVR, we can help you find the right voice for the job.

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Arabic Voice Over Services We Provide

  • Clean Read

  • Narration

  • Corporate

  • Entertainment

  • Webinars

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Dubbing for Films

  • Game Localisation

  • E-Learning

  • Commercial

  • Promo

  • Movie Trailer

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EthnoLink Language Services has a pool of talented Arabic voice over artists you will ever need for your project. Our voicebank is considered to be excellent. Let us know what dialect you need your project in.

All of our talents are native Arabic speakers, they are quite professional and can meet our high standards of quality.

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Need an Arabic voice over for your project? Choose EthnoLink Language Services. Here are a few reasons why you should.

About Arabic Language and Voice Overs

The Arabic language is spoken in several continents and countries around the world.

Ranging from the Northern area of Africa to the Western region of Asia, Arabic is a dialect of the Afroasiatic language family. Most often, Arabic voice artists have an in-depth understanding and ability to pronounce words in the closely related dialects of Aramaic and Hebrew.

Compared to other languages where there’s a standard for linguistic communication, the Arabic language has several different varieties. Each of these forms is region-specific.

Now, compared to the English language, Arabic is 10 to 15 percent shorter. As such, imagine a 60-second English commercial. When translated to Arabic, the commercial will only be about 50 seconds.

Arabic voice overs can be quite the challenge especially since there are many distinct dialects in the language. So when choosing an Arabic voice narration for your project, you need to know what specific dialect you want.

The most common dialects used today are Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Maghrebi, Levantine, and Gulf Arabic. Out of all of these, Egyptian Arabic is the most universally understood. The most common Arabic speech used for education, news, and television is the one derived from the Quran.

The group encompasses Modern Arabic and Literary Arabic. This version usually suits a larger audience.

Since the Arabic language is quite old especially since it has originated from the 6th century, a lot of modern languages have already influenced it. You can find Arabic linguistics and vocabulary in Bosnian, Hindi, Kurdish, Swahili, Indonesian and Persian languages.

EthnoLink offers several varieties of vetted female and male narrators who are ready to hit that record button, as well as deliver your voice recording.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever voice over project you need, we can provide it for you! We have highly skilled voice over artists who will handle your projects, as well as experienced project managers who will manage it for you. So don’t worry about a thing! Just let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Whether you are in a hurry or not, we can accommodate your project. On average we can deliver a project in around 2 to 3 business days. For urgent projects, just let us know when your deadline is and we’ll prioritise and expedite it.

Receive your voice over recording as a raw and unedited file. However, if you need it clean, edited, named and delivered to you in any format or resolution, we can do that, too!

All we need is your video files and scripts.

Yes, our voice over artists are all native speakers. We guarantee that you will get the best quality and native fluency for your project.

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