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Urgent Translation

Express NAATI Certified Translations

Do you need an urgent document translation service in Australia? EthnoLink to the rescue!

We are able to provide an urgent translation service for all languages. Our urgent translation service is available Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

You do not need to bring the physical hard copies of your documents into our office. Simply do the following:

    1. Complete the “Free quote” form and upload a copy of your documents
    2. We will respond by email within 10 minutes with a quote
    3. Follow the payment instructions in the email
    4. Your translation will be delivered urgently to you by email (and post if required)

The following documents are usually the document types that we have the most requests for urgent translations for:

  • Urgent Birth Certificate Translation
  • Urgent Driver’s Licence Translation
  • Urgent Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Urgent Legal Translation Services

If you need an urgent translation, we can turn around most languages and document-types the same day as the request is received. If you need a NAATI stamped & signed digital (soft) copy of the document, we can also provide this on the same day, under most circumstances.

If you need a NAATI stamped & signed hard copy, we can post it out to you by Express Post on the same day that we complete the translation. That means that if you live in the Australia Post Express Post Next Day network, you should* receive the hard copy of the translation the next day.

For businesses and Government that don’t require a hard copy of the translation, we can turn around the translation of the document on the same day.

For a free quote on your urgent translation, click here.