Translating Portuguese Dialects – Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese

Portuguese Translation

There are two main dialects of Portuguese; Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. They are quite different in terms of spelling, verb tenses and terminology. One should not be mistaken into believing that the variation in each dialect is similar to that of English (USA), English (GB) and English (USA).The differences between the two dialects become exacerbated when dealing with technical texts and this can be of major concern when translating.

Examples of differences include:

Words for bus

Brazil: ônibus
Portugal: autocarro

Words for optimum

Brazil: ótimo
Portugal: óptimo

Clients who require a translation from English into Portuguese need to understand their market and where the translation is going to be used. Is the translation going to be used in Portugal or is it going to be used in Brazil? If the text is going to be used in both markets, then the translation should be made into both Portuguese variants. It is also important to ensure that the translator you use is immersed in the culture and language.

Where possible, the translator should be currently living in the country that the translation is to be used as to ensure that small nuances are picked up on. At a bare minimum, the translation should be undertaken by a native speaker of the variant which you wish to translate into. Choosing to work with a translation agency helps to ensure that your translation is undertaken by the right individual and and your Portuguese translation is fit for purpose.

In Australia, it is important to work with a translation agency who provides NAATI accreditation where this is required. A translation agency should be chosen based on how well they can accurately communicate across linguistic borders.

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