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With five tones, no plural forms of nouns or variant forms of adjectives, no verb conjugations and no definite or indefinite articles, the Thai language is very different from the English language. Which is why our Thai interpreting services are only delivered by handpicked Thai interpreters who have years of experience and NAATI certification.

Whether you are a business, individual or an organisation looking for a professional Thai interpreter Sydney services, we’ve got you covered! Our Thai interpreters are highly-skilled and can provide you with the most accurate Thai interpreting services in Sydney.

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Thai Interpreting Services We Provide

What do you need? Here’s a list of the Thai interpreting services that we provide.

  • Thai Legal Interpreter

  • Thai Court Interpreter

  • Thai Medical Interpreter

  • Thai Hospital Interpreter

  • Thai Conference Interpreter

  • Thai Business Meeting Interpreter

  • Thai Focus Group Interpreter

  • Thai Tour Guide Interpreter

  • Thai Seminar Interpreter

  • Thai Consecutive Interpreter

  • Thai Aged Care Interpreter

  • Thai Simultaneous Interpreter

Onsite Interpreting

Need a Thai interpreter onsite? Our onsite interpreting services allows you to connect with a Thai interpreter who specialises in your industry and has in-depth knowledge in both of the languages that you need. You can count on us to provide you with an interpreter who has the right qualifications, experience and background for your appointment.

Video Interpreting

Need a Thai interpreter now but onsite interpreting isn’t possible? We have video interpreting services just for you! Book today and our project coordinators will match your appointment to one of our professional Thai interpreters.

Phone Interpreting

You never know when you might need Thai interpreting services immediately. This is where phone interpreting comes in. Here at EthnoLink, we offer professional Thai phone interpreting services to help you bridge the communication gap in whatever situation you’re in.

Professional Thai Interpreters For Your Business Needs

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Affordable Rates

Save more with our Thai interpreting services in Sydney. We guarantee the most competitive rates when you book us. If you are looking for professional interpreter on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered. Our rates is one of the reasons why our clients love coming back.


Our Thai interpreters maintain strict confidentiality when working. If you need an interpreting services provider in Sydney who can keep your date secure, book us today.

Quality Services

When you book an interpreter, our project coordinators ensure that you are paired with a professional Thai interpreter who is a subject-matter specialist. If you need an interpreter for court hearings, your interpreter will be someone who has the qualifications and experiences in this specific field.

Human Support

Do you have any enquiries regarding our Thai interpreting services? We can answer your questions. We have customer service representatives who are dedicated to helping you with your interpreting needs.

About the Thai Languagethai interpreting services

With more than 65 million speakers, the Thai language is mainly spoken in Thailand. However, you can also find speakers in UAE, Singapore, USA and the Midway islands. A lot of its words come from Old Khmer, Sanskrit and Pali.

The language’s writing system consists of 44 basic consonants, 6 diphthongs, and 18 other vowels. Unlike English, spaces in the Thai language mean the end of a sentence or a clause.

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