Subtitle Translation

Foreign language subtitling

EthnoLink is a leading provider of subtitle translation services in Australia. We use state of the art technology to streamline our subtitle translation service and work with Australia’s leading NAATI Certified translators to ensure that the translated subtitles that we produce are world-class.

Primarily, we work with the SRT (.srt) file format.

Subtitle Translation Services

What are Subtitles?

Subtitles (also known as foreign-language subtitles) are text that are displayed on a video screen, with time coding. Subtitles are used in instances where the audience can hear the audio, but cannot understand the language that is being spoken in the video. The subtitle is a translation of the spoken word into a language that the audience can understand.

How are Subtitles and Captions different?

Captions are used in situations where the audience can see the video, but cannot hear it. In many cases, this is to assist those who are hard of hearing or who are deaf. Most commonly however, captions are provided for many times of videos. We call these English captions, to help differentiate them from Subtitles, which are used for people who can hear the audio, but cannot understand the language being spoken.

What languages can you translate subtitles into?

We provide subtitle translation services in all languages. We provide translation services in all languages that NAATI provides credentialing in. Some of the most commonly requested languages that we provide subtitle translation services into are below:

Do you need my video in order to create subtitles?

We do require the video that the subtitles will be displayed on, in order to produce high-quality subtitles. This is because there is visual context that our translation team need to be aware of when creating your subtitles.

How much do subtitles cost?

We provide world-class subtitle services, by NAATI certified translators. You can expect to pay the approximate rates below for our quality-assured, professional subtitle translations.

  • 1-minute video – $120 per language
  • 3-minute video – $320 per language

Each subtitle translation project is assessed individually. The pricing above is indicative of an average subtitling project.

Our Process for Subtitle Translation

We have developed a world-class process for subtitle translations:

  1. Receive, quote & check your video:
  2. Produce English captions to the video (if not provided)
  3. Translate the English captions into the foreign languages required
  4. Independent checking of the subtitle translations
  5. In-context review. We watch the video with the subtitles turned on!
  6. Deliver the translated subtitles back to you.

Most of our clients provide us with an English version of their SRT file. An SRT file is a subtitle file format that is time-coded. If you do not have the SRT file for your video, we can arrange an English transcription of the video in SRT file format.

Using our advanced subtitling translation technology, our translators easily and efficiently translate your subtitles into the languages that you need. We always strongly recommend that our clients engage us to provide an independent review of the translations by a second NAATI Certified translator. This is best practice for subtitle translation quality management.

We also provide an “in-context” review of your subtitle translations by having our translation team watch the relevant video with the translated subtitle. This provides an extra level of rigour to our process to ensure that your translated subtitles are 100% accurate and in-context.

What is a NAATI Certified translator?

In Australia, NAATI represents the national body responsible for the accreditation of translators. NAATI has implemented some of the most rigorous standards in the world for accreditation for translators. We work exclusively with NAATI Certified translators to align ourselves with the high standards of NAATI and the translators who hold accreditation.

For a quote on our subtitle translation service please contact us.