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patent translation servicesWhen it comes to Patent Translation Services in Australia, EthnoLink understands how crucial accuracy and expertise are.

EthnoLink has handpicked patent translators who have a proven track record of handling patent translations. Each one has an in-depth knowledge of engineering, medicine, science, and other fields. All of our translators are native speakers of their own languages, thus increasing the accuracy of our patent translation services. Aside from their experience in technical translation, they also have backgrounds in their own patent translation.

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JYOTI Saroya
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What is Patent Translation?

But what is a patent translation?

Patent translation is a certain specialised task that includes converting a patent application into another language. This is done so that an international audience can access the information within the patent-related documentation.

Patent translation also includes handling descriptions or drawings, legal documentation, and patent claims. This is mostly important for businesses that are competing in the global landscape. Innovations are mostly the cause for a business in a worldwide stage to become successful. And this is mainly the reason why patent protection for these innovations is of importance.

Why Quality Matters

Poorly translated patents have a lower value, while quality translations increase the value of your patents. When you hire the wrong professional, you’ll be facing grave consequences like inaccurate translations which result in production delays, increased costs, or loss of the ability to enforce patents.

Don’t wait until this happens to you. Be sure to choose quality when it comes to patent translations. A good translation is done by a translator who has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter at hand, including all the terminologies and technical content. Order your patent translation with EthnoLink.

What We Offer

Patent translation is quite different compared to other translation types. Patent translation requires highly specialised experts and particular terminologies. Here at EthnoLink, we only use patent translators who have extensive experience and match the needs of a certain patent translation project.

We choose patent translators who have expertise in the patent language and the subject area of the patent. We’ve got a full range of patent translation services. We work fast to finish the translation on time without affecting the patent translation’s quality.

Why Choose EthnoLink

Here at EthnoLink, we understand patents and what’s needed for its translation. Our experienced patent translators can complete high-quality translations in a wide range of fields. Here are a few more reasons why you should try our patent translation services.

Languages We Cover

Wondering what languages we cover?

Here are just some of the few languages that we translate from and into. If you ever need to have your patent-related documents translated into a language that’s not on our list below, feel free to contact us, and we’ll endeavour to find the most suitable translator to handle your patent translation.

DutchKhmerPushto (Pashto)

How It Works

Here’s how our patent translation services work. We’ve summarised the steps.

  1. Complete the free quote form found on this page. Input all your details.
  2. One of our representatives will contact you within 15 minutes to let you know your firm quote and how to pay for it.
  3. We’ll look for a translator who suits your needs.
  4. Our proofreaders will check and recheck your document to ensure the quality and accuracy of the patent translation.
  5. We’ll send you the draft of the translation and wait for your approval before sending you the final patent translation.

And that’s about it! So what are you waiting for? Order your patent translation today and receive high-quality translations from the best in the industry.

If you need patent translation services in Australia, choose the best. Choose EthnoLink.