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Expert-Quality Marketing Translation & Localisation Services

Take your business global with professional marketing translation and localisation services! Let your audience feel like you’ve created the product with them in mind. Let our experts handle your marketing translations. For more than 7 years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses thrive in the global market.

If you are looking for professional translators who can help you transform your marketing and advertising materials to attract your target audience, EthnoLink has experts on board who have years of experience and specialisation in more than 150 languages!

With EthnoLink Language Services, you are sure that your translated materials will resonate with your audiences internationally. We have a team of marketing specialists who can ensure that your materials are translated with accuracy and the right nuances in accordance with your target market.

Our specialists can professionally localise so you won’t have any problem in promoting your products in foreign countries. We offer one of the industry’s best marketing translation and localisation services for affordable rates and fast turnaround times.

What is Localisation?

Localisation refers to the adaptation of a service or product to meet a particular culture, population or language’s needs. Sometimes pure translation is all that’s needed to get the job done. However, localisation is essential for documents such as blog posts, websites, leaflets, brochures, or product catalogues. These types of documents require the skill and knowledge of an expert who can make your audience feel like your products and services were made just for them.

Unlike other types of translation, localisation deals with cultural nuances such as ironies, regional humour, and customs. Literal translation can cause errors or worse, negatively affect your company and sales. If you want to reach out to people outside your country properly, choose translators who can read through your text and adapt it to your target audience.

Why Choose EthnoLink?

Marketing Translation & Localisation Specialists

At EthnoLink, we’ve got an experienced and talented team of professional language translators who have proven themselves to be specialists in marketing translation and localisation. A large percentage of our experts are native and fluent speakers of the languages they handle.

Each translation is carried out by a professional translator who is a specialist in his or her own field — then proofread by our in-house quality assurance team before it’s sent to you.

Fast Turnaround

If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry. We are always available for any urgent translations you may have. We work around the clock to provide quality and fast service to all of our clients.

24/7 Human Support

Once you order a translation, we will assign you a personal project manager who will see to it that all of your requirements are met. All of the support and assistance you need will be done via email, phone, and chat.

And in case you need anything else, feel free to send us a message. We have dedicated customer service representatives who are available 24/7.

Hundreds of Business Customers

EthnoLink is trusted by Australia’s leading brands, including the Australian Government, Victorian Building Authority, Herbert Smith Freehills, Mad Mex, Gloria Jean’s Coffees and a lot more! You’ll even find we have hundreds of real 5-star reviews.

Quality Translation

In everything that we do, we make sure it’s of high-quality. For this reason, we edit and proofread all our translations until it meets our quality standards, which are in line with NAATI’s high standards. Aside from our translators, we also have proofreaders and QA checkers to help ensure the high-quality of every translation we complete.

Marketing and Advertising Content Translations

You can rely on us to help you build the bridge over any cultural and language barrier between you and your target customers. Here are some of the marketing and advertising content translations that we can do for you:

Websites, Content, and Product Information Translation

Let us handle your blog posts and sales pages. We’ll translate each one to help you grow your business and reach new markets around the world. Allow us to be your partner in your international expansion. You won’t be disappointed.

Email Campaign Translation

One of the most powerful tools in communicating with your clients and customers is email. Our translators can turn your content into one engaging and accurate message.

Press Release Translation

When it comes to company updates and product releases, it’s disastrous if you distributed confusing and inaccurate content. With our team’s help, your press releases will be published in more than just one language. By addressing your customers in their native languages, you get to influence your target markets better and expand your business more.

Advertising Material Translation

Be it a brochure, booklet, magazine, newspaper ad, flyer or an article. We’ve got the right translator to guide you so you can use them to grow your business and enter your target markets.

Business Card Translation

Grow your network and have your business cards translated today. Who knows who you’ll bump into on any given day, so make sure your business cards are translated to suit their native language.

Company Brochure and Product Catalog Translation

Does your company use flyers and brochures to promote your products, offers, and services? Have them accurately translated by EthnoLink. We make sure that you’ll only receive error-free translations. Building a strong presence in different countries is just a step away with the right translation agency. Let us help you.

And a lot more!

Let us know your needs and requirements. We’re more than happy to help you.

Languages We Translate To

Here are some of the languages we translate to:

DutchKhmerPushto (Pashto)

If you can’t find your preferred language on the list, do let us know. We’ll look for a suitable specialist who will take care of your translation.

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