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Professional Mandarin Interpreting Services in Sydney

Do you need a professional Mandarin interpreter in Sydney? EthnoLink can assist with your Mandaring interpreting needs in Sydney and across Australia. We have an extensive pool of qualified, experienced, and highly-skilled Mandarin interpreters who can assist you in bridging the communication barrier within your industry.

Whether you in the healthcare industry and need an interpreter for your patient or a law firm in looking for a qualified interpreter for your clients in Sydney, we’ve got you covered!

Sydney is one of Australia’s multicultural cities. It has immigrants coming from different parts of the world. For this reason, the need for communication across languages is increasing.

EthnoLink has been providing language services to several businesses, government departments, and organisations in Sydney for more than 8 years now. As Australia’s leading interpreting services provider, we’re more than happy to help with any of your interpreting needs.

Get in touch today and book a Mandarin interpreter.

Mandarin Interpreting Services We Provide

Our Mandarin interpreting services include:

  • Mandarin Legal Interpreter

  • Mandarin Court Interpreter

  • Mandarin Medical Interpreter

  • Mandarin Hospital Interpreter

  • Mandarin Conference Interpreter

  • Mandarin Business Meeting Interpreter

  • Mandarin Focus Group Interpreter

  • Mandarin Tour Guide Interpreter

  • Mandarin Seminar Interpreter

  • Mandarin Consecutive Interpreter

  • Mandarin Aged Care Interpreter

  • Mandarin Simultaneous Interpreter

Onsite Interpreting

If you need a Mandarin interpreter, regardless of your location, we can help you with our onsite interpreting services. When booking an interpreter, let us know your venue and we’ll match you to our most qualified professional Mandarin interpreter.

Be it an educational seminar, court case, trainings, or medical interviews, we’ve got you covered!

Video Interpreting

If you don’t have the budget and time for booking one of our onsite Mandarin interpreters, you might prefer our Mandarin video interpreting services. Connect to our NAATI certified interpreters in just a few minutes.

Phone Interpreting

Aside form onsite and video interpreting services, we also offer phone interpreting solutions for our Mandarin interpreter Sydney services. You can easily connect to our highly-skilled Mandarin interpreters in a few seconds. Our project coordinators will pair your booking to the most qualified professional Mandarin interpreter in Sydney who has in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Professional Mandarin Interpreters For Your Business Needs

Why Choose EthnoLink

Competitive Rates

EthnoLink offers Mandarin interpreter Sydney services with the most competitive rates. Take advantage of our high-quality interpreting services at affordable prices!


All of our Mandarin interpreters in Sydney maintain strict confidentiality with their work. We make sure that all of your information are safe and secure with our interpreting services.

Quality Services

Receive high-quality interpreting services with our skilled and experienced interpreters in Sydney. Be one of our satisfied clients. Book an interpreter today!

Human Support

Our Mandarin interpreter Sydney services has a team of customer service representatives who are dedicated to answering all of your enquiries. Do you have any question? Let us know. We’re more than happy to help you.

Mandarin Fun Facts

Did you know that…?mandarin interpreting services

  1. The Mandarin language has over 955 million native speakers around the world.
  2. Unlike the English alphabet, the Mandarin language has around 50,000 characters but only about 2,500 characters are used on a daily basis!
  3. There are four different tones in Mandarin language. These are rising, flat, falling then rising and falling.
  4. Most entrepreneurs who want to establish their business relations with China are learning more and more about the Mandarin language.

Looking for an Mandarin interpreter Sydney? We’ve got you covered!