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Accurate and Reliable Mandarin Interpreting Services

Need a Mandarin Interpreter in Melbourne? EthnoLink provides professional Mandarin interpreters in Melbourne proficient in both Mandarin and English.

Whether you need an interpreter for your personal or business needs, we’ve got you covered! We help businesses, organisations, and all levels of government to communicate effectively through our Mandarin interpreting services.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know what you need and we’ll make sure that all your requirements are met with our Mandarin Interpreter Melbourne services.

Mandarin Interpreting Services We Provide

EthnoLink’s Mandarin interpreting services are available in Melbourne and all across Australia. Our interpreting services are as follows:

  • Mandarin Legal Interpreter

  • Mandarin Court Interpreter

  • Mandarin Medical Interpreter

  • Mandarin Hospital Interpreter

  • Mandarin Conference Interpreter

  • Mandarin Business Meeting Interpreter

  • Mandarin Focus Group Interpreter

  • Mandarin Tour Guide Interpreter

  • Mandarin Seminar Interpreter

  • Mandarin Consecutive Interpreter

  • Mandarin Aged Care Interpreter

  • Mandarin Simultaneous Interpreter

Onsite Interpreting

We help eliminate communication gap in Melbourne and Australia with our onsite Mandarin interpreting services. Onsite interpreting involves a face-to-face setting. Simply let us know your nominated venue and we’ll provide you with the most qualified interpreter within your industry.

Video Interpreting

An alternative to onsite interpreting, video interpreting is all about convenience. No matter where you are, we can provide instant video access to our NAATI certified interpreters in Melbourne. With this, you can still have that face-to-face communication when it’s impossible to have a Mandarin interpreter onsite.

Phone Interpreting

Another Mandarin interpreter Melbourne service we offer is our Mandarin phone interpreting services. In times when you need an interpreter urgently, you can easily book a phone interpreter today with EthnoLink. Upon your request, we can quickly assign you a Mandarin interpreter. How convenient is that?

Professional Mandarin Interpreters For Your Business Needs

Why Choose EthnoLink

What makes us stand out from other interpreting services providers in Melbourne? We’ve listed some of the main reasons why our clients love coming back for our interpreting services.

Competitive Rates

Looking for Mandarin interpreting services that are not too expensive? Whether you’re on a budget or looking for affordable Mandarin interpreting services in Melbourne, you’re in the right place! EthnoLink has one of the best interpreting services in Australia that offers the most competitive rates in Melbourne.


Out interpreters maintain strict confidentiality on all of our interpreter appointments. You can count on us to keep all your information safe and secure.

Quality Services

Aside from our NAATI certified interpreters, we also have a team of interpreting coordinators who make sure that your appointments goes well and your requirements met. When we receive your booking, our team works with dedication to find the most qualified interpreter to handle your appointments.

Human Support

When you choose EthnoLink, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you have any inquiries, our customer service representatives are always available to answer your questions.

Mandarin Fun Facts

Did you know that…?mandarin interpreting services

  1. Before becoming the standard form of Chinese, Mandarin was once a dialect of Northern China.
  2. With over 920 million native speakers, Mandarin is one of the most commonly used languages today.
  3. To differentiate words in Chinese, different tones are used. With the Mandarin language, there are four tones and another neutral tone.
  4. Among the six official languages of the United Nations, Chinese is one. The other languages include English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.
  5. Compared to English, Mandarin doesn’t require people to specify genders. Plus, the plural and singular forms have no difference from one another.

Looking for a Mandarin interpreter Melbourne? We’ve got you covered!