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Professional Polish translation services

Looking for affordable, fast and professional Polish interpreters and translation services that don't compromise on quality? Look no further. We have a team of experienced and professional NAATI certified Polish interpreters and translators on stand-by, ready to swiftly and accurately translate your documents for a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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NAATI certified Polish translations

Looking for a NAATI certified Polish interpreter and translator? We guarantee that our NAATI certified interpreter and translations will be accepted by any Australian authority or Government department.

A NAATI certified Polish interpreter and translator have obtained accreditation from NAATI to work as a Certified translator in Australia. NAATI is the national body that holds the power to provide Certification of Polish interpreters and translators in Australia.

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Personal Polish document translation

We’ll organise your NAATI certified Polish translations of the following documents:

• Polish Birth Certificate Translation
• Polish Marriage Certificate Translation
• Polish Police Check Translation
• Polish Driver Licence Translation
• Polish Diploma Translation
• and more — just ask us!

Corporate Polish translation services

Our NAATI certified corporate translation services from Polish into English and English into Polish are available for businesses, community organisations and government departments.

We are committed to the highest quality standards globally for Polish translation services. That is why we undertake a rigorous recruitment process for all new translators. All of our Polish translators must be NAATI certified and must be committed to professional development to ensure that they are producing premium-quality translations for our valued clients.

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Professional NAATI certified Polish interpreters

We work with Australia's leading NAATI certified interpreters in order to provide you with the highest quality interpreting services. Our suite of interpreting services includes:

• Polish video interpreting
• Polish telephone interpreting
• Polish on-site interpreting
• Polish conference interpreting

Our interpreters have native-level Polish language skills, as well as the experience and subject-matter expertise in a range of domains.

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Polish translation services for every industry

Whether you need Polish voice overs for community radio or medical brochures translated into Polish, we have the right people and experience to get it done.

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Discover projects we've delivered for client's just like you

For over 10 years, we've been helping our clients by sourcing the most suitable translators for their projects, and delivering a premium-quality end product. Check out some of our work below.


ALMO Milk was looking to expand their Australian almond milk business overseas, but needed multicultural communications experts to make it happen. With the help of Ethnolink, ALMO was able to launch in China and establish a foothold in the world's fastest growing market, leading to a significant ...

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Attorney-General's Department

As part of the Attorney-General’s Department’s joint effort with the Office for Women under the Preventing Financial Abuse Project, the Department published a guide to assist separating couples, including couples from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, to proactively manage their ...

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Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) engaged Ethnolink to produce translated resources to help raise awareness about elder abuse in 19 languages. The AHRC was resolved to ensure appropriate and accessible translations for their multicultural users. We tailored a solution that deliver...

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Polish translation and interpreter FAQs

Polish is a West Slavic language spoken primarily in Poland by approximately 45 million native speakers. Polish is closely related to Czech and Slovak, however they are all individual languages.

There are around 50 million Polish speakers across the world.

Polish is the official language of Poland, and there are also large Polish-speaking communities in Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, the UK, Canada and the United States.

Somewhat surprisingly, in the United Kingdom, Polish has become the third most spoken language after English and Welsh.

You can send us your documents in whatever format you have - a PDF, Word file, scan, or a photo. As long as the text is readable and clear, our professional translators can translate it for you. But before that happens, our Translation Strategists will analyse them and provide you with a personalised quote. 

If you have any specific requirements, let us know and we will do our absolute best to accommodate.

The latest Census in 2016 recorded 48,070 Polish speakers living in Australia.

Polish is written using a 32-letter alphabet which is the Latin alphabet plus 9 additional letters. Polish has been deeply influenced by Latin and Roman languages such as Italian and French.

Depending on the length of your document, it will take 2-3 business days to receive your Polish translation.

Contact our Interpreting Strategy team via our Book an Interpreter page, and they'll be in touch to coordinate an interpeter to meet your needs.

Yes! We work with interpreters all across the country who can help to facilitate communication wherever you are. If an interpreter is unable to physically attend your meeting or conference, we have a suite of remote options, including video interpreting and telephone interpreting, to help overcome communication barriers.

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