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Trusted by hundreds of businesses, individuals, and government departments, EthnoLink is Australia’s leading language services provider.

When it comes to talking to someone in a foreign language be it a patient or a client, you have to make sure that you can understand everything that’s being said, and that you are being understood, too.

Miscommunication can be a real problem so you need professional Italian interpreters who can provide quality and accurate Italian interpreting services.

EthnoLink Language Services offers professional Italian to English interpreting services and vice versa in Melbourne. We have an exceptional team of Italian interpreters and the right resources to meet all of your requirements.

From onsite interpreting, video interpreting to phone interpreting, we can help you with all your interpreting needs.

For professional Italian interpreting services, look no further than EthnoLink Language Services! Book today.

Italian Interpreting Services We Provide

Get in touch today and let us know what you need. Our Italian interpreter Melbourne services include:

  • Italian Legal Interpreter

  • Italian Court Interpreter

  • Italian Medical Interpreter

  • Italian Hospital Interpreter

  • Italian Conference Interpreter

  • Italian Business Meeting Interpreter

  • Italian Focus Group Interpreter

  • Italian Tour Guide Interpreter

  • Italian Seminar Interpreter

  • Italian Consecutive Interpreter

  • Italian Aged Care Interpreter

  • Italian Simultaneous Interpreter

Onsite Interpreting

When it comes to clients who don’t speak English, it’s best to book an interpreter in advance! Our Italian interpreters are not only fluent in Italian but also in English. They have an in-depth knowledge of the Italian language and of your industry so you can be confident that you’ll only receive quality, reliable and accurate Italian interpreting services.

When you’re ready to book an Italian interpreter, simply let us know your preferred venue.

Video Interpreting

EthnoLink Language Services is an Italian interpreting services provider that offers video interpreting services to its clients. If you need an interpreter to help you communicate accurately and effectively, we’re proud to go above and beyond to provide our clients with interpreting solutions to help you deal with people who can’t speak English.

Our team of video interpreters are highly experienced in providing quality video interpreting services to help you convey your message and allow both sides to communicate effectively.

Phone Interpreting

Here at EthnoLink, we have a team of professional NAATI certified interpreters specialising in phone interpreting services. If you need fast, easy and accurate Italian interpretations over the phone, choose EthnoLink.

Not speaking the same language as your Italian customers, clients or patients can be costly. Let us help convey your message with our quality phone interpreting services. Upon booking, we’ll match you to the most qualified professional Italian interpreter so your business or personal needs are satisfied.

Professional Italian Interpreters For Your Business Needs

Why Choose EthnoLink

Competitive Rates

Who said quality services have to be expensive? Here at EthnoLink, we offer high-quality interpreting services for the most competitive rates in Melbourne. Yes, you read that right! Book an Italian interpreter today, and see what we mean.


Apart from our quality services, we also guarantee privacy and security. All of our Italian interpreters maintain strict confidentiality. You can trust us to keep your information safe.

Quality Services

Our clients love booking our Italian interpreting services again and again because of our quality services. We strive to provide our clients with the best services that’s sure to exceed every one of your expectations!

Human Support

Do you have any enquiries about our Italian interpreting services in Melbourne? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you with your needs.

Italian Fun Facts

Did you know that…?italian interpreting services

  1. Unlike English, Italian only has 21 letters in its alphabet.
  2. The Italian language only became an official language in 1861.
  3. There are over 85 million Italian speakers around the world!
  4. In the US, Italian is the fifth most-studied language. In fact, there are over 700,000 Americans who speak Italian.
  5. The word ‘psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia’ is the longest word in the Italian dictionary having 30 letters and 13 syllables. This refers to the study of immune, nervous and endoctrine system functions.

Looking for a Italian interpreter Melbourne? We’ve got you covered!