How much do translation services cost in Australia?

The number 1 question that any translation agency is asked is “How much do translations cost?” Quite uniquely in professional services, most translations are not priced by the hour, they are in-fact priced by the number of words. In Australia, most translation agencies also have fixed rates for ‘standard documents’. I will provide a brief explanation of each pricing method and how they work.

Translation Pricing by words

The majority of work is priced by the number of words. In Australia and globally, the ‘rate’ that is charged per word has been falling for many years. 5 years ago, it was quote common for pricing to be between 32-50c per word (ie. $32-$50 per 100 words). As competition has increased in the global translation industry, and efficiency improvements have been made by utilising technology, prices have fallen. In today’s local market, you can expect to pay between 20-40c per word.

For a 1000 word document, you would expect to pay between $200-$400 (plus GST). Here at EthnoLink, we use a very unique and efficient delivery model to drastically reduce the cost of translation, whilst speeding up the process. As such, we are one of the most affordable and reliable translation service provider’s in Australia and were named the 3rd largest translation provider in Oceania in 2014 (Common Sense Advisory, 2014).

There are a number of factors that are used to determine pricing:

Factors That Influence Translation Service Pricing

Does your translation need to be completed by a NAATI certified translator?

NAATI is the accrediting body in Australia and generally most local agencies work with a team of NAATI accredited translators. If an accredited translator is not required, in some instances, an offshore, non-accredited translator can complete the translation. In countries where labour is cheap, this will bring down the price.

Are your documents of a technical nature?

Technical legal documents or engineering manuals are a lot more difficult to translate than ‘general text’. As such, more time needs to be taken to translate technical text and this is reflected in a higher price.

What language/s do you need translation services in?

Rare language combination (eg. Tigrinya<>English) are typically priced very high due to supply/demand. There are very few accredited translators in some language pairs, and as such, their rates are higher than more common language pairs (eg. Chinese<>English).

How soon do you need your translations?

If you need your translations in a very quick turnaround, be prepared to pay extra to expedite the process. Translator’s generally have quite high workloads and if they need to put other projects off their schedule to complete yours in a very tight time-frame, this will be reflected in the pricing. Depending on the difficult of the text and various factors, translators generally have an output of between 1500-3000 words per day

Translation Pricing for Standard documents

Most translation agencies have set prices for ‘standard documents’. A standard document generally refers to a personal document such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s licence, death certificate, diploma or degree certificate etc.

Again, prices have been coming down in Australia for the last few years. Our price for most standard documents (depending on the language) is $69.00. Most translation agencies in Australia tend to price standard documents at approximately $77-$99 per document. Express translations or urgent translations also attract an urgency surcharge and this varies depending on each agency.

Pricing for translation services of standard documents start from:

DocumentPricing starting from ($AUD)
Birth Certificate Translation$69
Driver’s Licence Translation$69
Marriage Certificate Translation + Affidavit (including Express Post)$195 ($69 + $110 + $16)
Apostille Translation$22
Police Check Translation$69


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