french slang

The French language is without a doubt one of the sexiest languages around. Nobody would deny that hearing such a language can make your heart beat faster.

Men, on the other hand, would have been intimidated here and there. They may even question their manliness for that matter.

Today we are going to help you learn a few of the most common French slangs so that you can understand or even execute them in your own way. If you are planning a trip to France, learning these French slangs are a must so you can understand the locals even though you know how to speak the French language.

So without further ado, here are a few French slang words that you should learn.

  • Bordel
  • B.G.
  • Blé
  • Bouffer
  • Kiffer
  • Frérot
  • Balle
  • Baraque
  • BCBG
  • Relou
  • Mec
  • Ouf
  • être vénère


This was originally translated to a brothel. Now, before you keep on using this in search of what once was a place of pleasure for men, you should know that this word has already adopted a better and far more suitable meaning from the now extinct place. Bordel is now a French slang word used to describe something messy or something even more than that. We need not explain what and how a brothel was associated with such meaning because, you know.


Well, letters. Why not? Slang words are words that are most commonly used to describe a scenario or even a person. These can be shortening the original words, creating a new one, or even using old words and giving them a new meaning that’s more up to date. B.G. is an abbreviation of the French slang words ‘beau gosse’ which simply means hot guy. Well as English native speakers would have no problem hearing these two letters but now that you know what it means, let’s hope you hear these special letters from the French.


Originally translated to wheat, you will hear this French slang more often than you expect since it has already become a popular alternative word for money. So you should not be surprised when you by a Blé flour and pay with Blé.


Food, for some it is a side trip for most, it is the main reason they go to France. With the culinary prowess that even the house cook can concoct meals that would simply take your breath away, this French slang word is useful in more than a single occasion. Bouffer is a French slang word that means ‘to eat’ inviting all the people around you to enjoy the meals that are brought before you.


Liking something or someone is hard to admit especially when you are talking with people you just met. Well in a French get-together, this French slang word is something that would be useful to you in one way or the other. It is a more informal way of saying you like something from a person or a person. It is subtle enough to make it a compliment rather than a romantic advancement.


Another French slang word that has become a lot more popular is the word Frérot which can be translated to ‘little brother’. While it seems pretty simple, this word also has a similar yet different meaning.

This is also the French slang word that is used as a word of endearment towards a person that is not your relative. This is a French version of the popular word ‘bro’. It is an amazing way to call friends and make them feel that you treat them more than a friend, rather a brother.


If you look at balle as a singular, it literally translates to the English word ‘bullet’. However, balles are considered to be the slang word for the word ‘francs’,  the currency used in France before 2002. When the French converted to euros, the slang word ‘balles’ moved along. As such, whenever you hear the word ‘balles’, you know that people are referring to money.


When roughly translated, the word ‘baraque’ means a small house or shanty that’s made of planks. However, this has been recently used as a slang word to refer to a house or someone muscular. It works as an adjective and a noun depending on its usage.


This acronym is popularly used in France as slang for the English word ‘preppy’. It stands for bien chic bon genre.


In general, the word mec refers to guys in general including boyfriends. This is one of the most common French slangs you’ll hear when you go to France.


As one of the French slangs most often used in France, the word ‘relou’ is a slang word for the verlan for lourd. It is somewhat equal to ‘chiant’ which means exasperating or annoying.


When translated, this word means ‘phew’ in the English language. Aside from that, it also means awesome or crazy in its verlan form. When spelled backwards, it is fou which means awesome or crazy.  This is pretty common among youth nowadays.

être vénère

Our last in our French slangs list is être vénère. This is one of the words most often said to express anger or annoyance. It is the verlan for être énervé.

You may have noticed that there are some French slangs that are simply the backward spelling of a certain word. These are what’s called verlan. It is an argot in the French language which features the inversion of a word’s syllables. It is often very common among the youth. This originates from the tradition of the French in transposing a word’s syllables to create French slang words.

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