Filipino Superstitions You Probably Don’t Know

filipino superstitions

With so many cultures in the Philippines, you wouldn’t be surprised if there several if not hundreds of Filipino superstitions in existence. Both local and foreign beliefs have combined and created what Filipinos believe in nowadays.

Despite being known as the only Christian country in South East Asia, Philippines has tons of interesting and outrageous superstitions that are only unique to the country.

If you’re interested in knowing what they are, read on. We have listed here some of the Filipino superstitions that you won’t believe existed.

Most of these are beliefs that Filipinos from more than a hundred years ago also believed in.

So let’s get started.

  • Tired of bedbugs?
  • Do you have unwanted visitors?
  • When it comes to good fortune
  • During New Year’s Day
  • Letting bees in the house
  • Have a safe trip
  • Make sure you always have food
  • Got a fishbone stuck on your throat?

Where did Filipino superstitions come from?

Because of its location in South East Asia, the Philippines had had many visitors and settlers from all race even before the Philippine history was written. These people brought a lot of beliefs with them and created superstitions in hopes of explaining events and phenomena that are hard to understand. From their children to their descendants, their beliefs and superstitions were transmitted via written and oral tradition.

Aside from the first settlers of the country – the Malays, Indonesians and Negritos, others have greatly influenced the Filipino superstitions that we know today. These include the Chinese, Arabs and Spanish. From so many races, so many Filipino superstitions came to be and intermingled with one another to produce what Filipino superstitions we know today.

This post is all about Filipino superstitions that you probably never heard of. However, it is up to you if you want to believe in them since a lot does not make any sense whatsoever. But knowing these Filipino superstitions helps to understand the diverse and rich culture of the Philippines.

Tired of bedbugs?

Who wants bedbugs in their house? Well, if you are tired of them, you can just follow this superstition. Go bedbug hunting. Once you have a decent amount of bedbugs, place a few on a piece of paper. Afterwards, go to someone’s house and leave it there.

The bedbugs left in your house will transfer to the house where you put the first bedbugs. It sounds a bit harsh when you consider the owner of the house where you left the bedbugs in. However, you have to be careful since someone who doesn’t like you might do the same and leave a paper filled with bedbugs in your house.

Do you have unwanted visitors?

Now, if you have unwanted visitors, here’s what you can do. To get rid of them, just secretly sprinkle some salt all around your house. Later on, they will leave, and you will be left alone to enjoy the peace and quiet surrounding. Do you know If this works? Try it when you have some unwanted visitors.

When it comes to good fortune

Be sure to tell this to your guests if you want to keep your good fortune. Whenever you have guests over, don’t let them open the door when you and your family is eating. One of the Filipino superstitions is that the good fortune of the family will fly out the door if a guest opens a door.

During New Year’s Day

It’s almost New Year’s Day so take note of this superstition. On January 1, open all of the windows inside the house to let good fortune in. Have you done this already? If not, try it during New Year’s and who knows you might find yourself getting some good fortune and start the year right.

You won’t lose anything anyway if you try this unless you live in an area where theft is pretty common. Maybe you should lock your windows instead if this is the case.

Letting bees in the house

Don’t you just hate it when a bee comes in the house and you try to shoo it away, but you’re too scared it might sting you? Well, there’s a Filipino superstition that says that if there are bees inside a house, it is said that it brings good luck to the whole family. So the next time you see a bee, rejoice! You’re getting good luck. Now that’s something. However, it is not known if you forcefully bring bees inside the house and you get some luck from it.

Have a safe trip

We always bid our loved ones a ‘safe trip’ whenever they go somewhere. However, if you are planning on leaving before even finishing your meal to go on a trip, one Filipino superstition says that you should turn the plates on the table to make sure that you will have a safe trip.

Make sure you always have food

Don’t we all wish we had food stored in the house, so we don’t have to go to the grocery store? Well, there’s good news! Simply leave some rice in the pot. This ensures that you will always have food in the house. Now, doesn’t that sound nice? True or not, it is worth a try. Just some rice left in the pot is enough sacrifice if you want to have food inside the house. Right?

Got a fishbone stuck on your throat?

This might be one of the most outrageous belief in our list of Filipino superstitions. If you suddenly have a fishbone stuck in your throat, do not tell anyone. Yes, for this superstition to work, don’t tell someone. Try to keep it to yourself and spin your plate about three times. Doing so will make the fishbone disappear.

But if it doesn’t disappear and you are choking, you better shout and call for help, or there will be hell to pay.

And that’s our list of bizarre and interesting Filipino superstitions to feed your curiosities. Which one do you think is the most interesting? Which one have you tried already? Let us know in the comments below.

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