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Redkite is a community organisation that provides support to people impacted by childhood cancer. Redkite reached out to Ethnolink to help translate their resources into Arabic, to better inform and engage Arabic-speaking communities in Australia.

Ethnolink was proud to assist them in producing high-quality information resources in Arabic, and also in developing their Arabic website.

The client

Redkite is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation that has made it its mission to support, care for and empower individuals, children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Redkite offers a range of support services, including family counselling, financial support, and professional advice to help families cope through all stages of childhood cancer.

About the project

Industry Community
Services Professional translation, independent checking, Adobe InDesign typesetting, community checking, culturally adapted imagery, distribution of resources, website translation & content population
Languages Arabic
Documents Information booklets, brochures and website landing page

The challenge

Once the text had been professional translated and reviewed by NAATI-certified Arabic translators and Arabic community checkers, our next challenge was the implementation of culturally-adapted imagery.

Over the years, Ethnolink has recommended the use of culturally-adapted imagery that appropriately represent the target audiences of a translated text. However, some communities tend to be more difficult to source culturally-appropriate images for than others — this includes Arabic-speaking communities.

This is because a large volume of images that aim to represent Arabic speakers often do not reflect the diverse range of cultures and countries from which Arabic-speaking Australians find their roots. This makes it difficult to source culturally respectful images which reflected the target audience.

Additionally, the client brief for this project was very specific, requiring family-oriented images with young children, which further narrowed down the images that we hoped to include in the translated resources.

The solution

Our team worked with translators, community checkers and Redkite to source culturally adapted imagery that would meet the requirements of all stakeholders involved in the development of Redkite's resources.

First, our project management team sourced appropriate images, which were then presented to our translators and community checkers to ensure that all images were culturally appropriate and respectful. After the relevant images had been approved by translators and community checkers, we delivered them to the Redkite team for their review.

Whilst this process required an extensive amount of coordination at all levels, Ethnolink was pleased to be able to arrive at a solution that satisfied all parties through clear, constant communication from our project managers.

The results

Ethnolink coordinated a total of 20 culturally adapted images for inclusion in Redkite's important resources. Our team maintained a constant, open channel of communication with the relevant parties, which enabled this project's success.

We were determined to deliver premium-quality translations for Redkite, as we are aware of the impact that translation can have on lives. By persisting in our goal and refusing to sacrifice quality for convenience, Ethnolink and Redkite are now able to present fantastic, in-language resources for Australia's Arabic-speaking communities on the crucial topic of childhood cancer.

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