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Jean Hailes: National Women's Health Survey 2022

Ethnolink and Jean Hailes worked together to make Jean Hailes's annual National Women's Health Survey in 4 different languages for the first time since its launch — English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Additionally, Ethnolink led the multilingual social media advertisement campaign, producing translated social tiles and accompanying captions. Learn more about this important project in this case study.

The client

Jean Hailes is a non-profit women’s health organisation that was founded 25 years ago. The organisation works in public health, research, clinical services and policy. They use their grounding in this space to convert high-level research documents into practical and
easy-to-understand information for women and health professionals. Their aim is “to inspire confidence to create a healthier future for all women.”

About the project

Industry Community
Services Professional translation, independent checking, Adobe InDesign typesetting, community checking, in-context review, multicultural marketing, multicultural research, and website translation
Languages Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese
Documents Survey, social media tiles and social media captions

The challenge

The annual National Women's Health Survey is launched each year to commemorate International Women's Day, and is part of a huge effort from the Jean Hailes team to enhance the lives of Australian women.

In addition to having a hard deadline, the project also involved many team members through both Jean Hailes and Ethnolink. As such, it was important to maintain a high level of communication and coordination to ensure that every part of the survey and the materials for its distribution was translated to the highest possible standard in a timely manner.

The solution

Ethnolink and Jean Hailes maintained an open line of communication throughout the entirety of the translation and multicultural research process. Following the delivery, Ethnolink continued to work with Jean Hailes to ensure that not only was the survey easily understood and accessed by multicultural women across Australia, but also that its reach was being maximised through paid social media campaigns.

Jean Hailes is also a long-standing partner of Ethnolink. Due to the level of trust and communication we have previously established, we were able to coordinate any issues that arose flexibly and quickly, progressing smoothly toward delivery and nation-wide distribution of the survey.

The results

We successfully delivered the translated materials for the National Women's Health Survey 2022 well before the deadline for launch and distribution. Feedback from multicultural communities has also been hugely positive.

Jean Hailes's National Women's Health Survey is still open and we're eagerly waiting for the results. Ethnolink is proud to have provided multilingual support to Jean Hailes in their important initiative, which will enhance the lives and wellbeing of women across Australia.

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