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Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

Ethnolink was engaged by the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA), a long-time client since 2016, to provide translation services in 13 languages of Easy Read materials for the Australian Electoral Commission. Together, we were able to assist culturally and linguistically diverse Australians when voting in the 2019 Federal election — see how we did it.

The client

The Australian Electoral Commission is the independent federal agency responsible for organising, conducting and supervising federal Australian elections, by-elections and referendums.

About the project

Industry Australian Government
Services Translation and independent checking
Languages Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Hazaragi, Swahili, Nepali, Karen, Somali, Tigrinya
Documents Easy read guides

"We always know that we can rely on Ethnolink to advise on CALD strategy, from providing insights into languages and cultural preferences, as well as producing high-quality translations that receive great feedback from our community checking members."

Dwayne CEO, NEDA

The challenge

Finding the right way to translate within the disability context can be challenging given the different cultural perspectives on disability. In particular, some terminology can be difficult in the context of disability and this challenge is amplified when you add the fact that the target audience for this project were non-native English speakers.

The solution

Ethnolink managed this challenge by ensuring that the translation team that worked on these translations had the appropriate subject matter expertise, as well as a demonstrated history of developing translations for the disability sector.

Choosing the right translators for the job meant that the end products were more tailored and appropriate, which led to translations that were well-received by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the end user.

The results

Overwhelmingly, the format of Easy Read, translated community languages was well received.

The translated documents were shared amongst the community, and uploaded to the AEC website, and feedback was positive.

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