9 Aussie Slang That Are Amazingly Abbreviated

australian slang

Here’s a quick fact. Did you know that the Australians created the word ‘selfie’?

Well, you should know that Australians love to shorten words.

Australians love chatting and also abbreviating words. It’s one of the ways that differentiate Australians from any English speaker.

But what is the reason for this? Why do Australians abbreviate?

One of the reasons is that the locals like showing that they too are just regular persons –normal. They use their language to communicate and thus have created a lot of Aussie slang, idioms, diminutives and abbreviations.

One of the most important ways to unlock the Australian language is through the use of abbreviations. It’s probably the nation’s hobby, and wherever you go in Australia, you will keep hearing the same words spoken in shorter terms.

Using short terms make Aussies look friendlier and casual. Now, more and more words are being created every day by the younger generation.

Now, let’s take a look at some Aussie slang that are amazingly abbreviated. If you are planning a trip to Australia, this guide will help you understand some of the most common Aussie slang in the country.

Let’s dive in.

  • Cuppa – a cup of tea
  • Macca’s – McDonald’s
  • Arvo – Afternoon
  • Straya – Australia
  • Footy – rugby
  • Lappy – laptop
  • Biccy – biscuit
  • Accadacca – ACDC
  • Servo – gas station

Cuppa – a cup of tea

This is one of the most commonly used shortened word in the list of Aussie slang. You’ll hear this very often in the country. Cuppa is simply the shortened form for ‘a cup of tea’.

It’s amazing how Australians can abbreviate a four-word phrase. When we take a look at Australia’s history, we can see that the British once colonised Australia.  They are known for being tea lovers so you can imagine that they have also brought their tea to Australia.

During your travels to this beautiful continent, you will notice that people love drinking tea. They even have their own brand named Bushell’s.

Now, whenever someone asks you if you want a cuppa, you know what it means and what to respond. But, don’t worry, Australians are friendly so you can just ask them what it means in case you ever forget.

Macca’s – McDonald’s

If you are hungry, you can eat some food at Macca’s but what exactly is this slang? It is the shortened version of McDonald’s. To Australians, a three syllable word is too much, so a word is shortened to only two syllables to make pronunciations easier.

So next time, your friend tells you to meet him at Macca’s, you know where to go.

Arvo – Afternoon

When you’re walking down the street in Australian on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, you may notice that a lot of people are greeting each other ‘arvo’. This is an abbreviated form for the word ‘afternoon’.

When we take a look at the word afternoon, you will notice that it has three syllables. And what did we say about three syllables? They require too much effort to pronounce, so the ussie slang ‘arvo’ was made. It’s quicker and easier to say.

Straya – Australia

In Australia, it’s easy to find foreigners and tourists. They most often pronounce all the syllables in the word ‘Australia’. On the other hand, locals only say ‘straya’ for easy pronunciation. Plus, it’s quicker and easier to pronounce all the while saving you more time.

When talking with your Australian friends, they might make fun of your pronunciation if you say the whole ‘AU-STRA-LIA’. To correctly pronounce this Australian slang, just emphasise the ‘s’ and the ‘tray’ so you’ll sound like ‘straaaayah’ with the end sound rhyming to the note ‘la’.

Footy – rugby

Wait, what? What’s footy? IS that your foot or a product created for the feet?

Nope. In Australia, a footy is a rugby. The locals love footy so much that there exist four major types. There’s the Rugby League, AFL, Rugby Union and Touch football.

If you’re confused with the other football, I’m here to say that it’s different. Australians call it soccer just like how Americans do. So next time someone mentions a footy, they’re just talking about football. Beware though, Australians love talking about footy so be very careful when asking someone about a footy game. You might be in for a long chat.

Lappy – laptop

This one is a bit easier to guess. A lappy is simply a laptop. It’s kind of like a nickname for your electronic gadget – only cuter.

Biccy – biscuit

Now this one sounds a bit like a pet name, doesn’t it? If you ever get caught in a long chat about footy, expect that you’ll spend hours listening. If you get hungry, you can ask your Australian friend for a biccy, or in other words, a biscuit.

Be warned though, in Australia, biccies or biccy can mean a lot of things. It can be a plain round snack eaten with tea, a cracker, or a cookie. Some of the common biccies are Saos, Tim-Tams, Digestives and choc-chip biccies.

Accadacca – ACDC

There’s not a single person in Australia who doesn’t know about Accadacca. A lot of them are also fans of this famous band. Have you heard of them?


Well, Accadacca is Australian slang for the ACDC band. You can hear an Accaddacca song almost everywhere and anywhere you go in Australia.  You’ll hear it in the pubs, too.

Servo – gas station

By now, we have already established the fact that Australia is different from the rest of the world. There’s also that Aussie slang ‘servo’ which refers to a gas station. Also, Australians call gasoline as ‘petrol’ unless it is diesel.

Inside every gas station, you will find a mini market where you can find some food and other services. So when you fill up our car, you can also go and buy some coffee, milk, water and so much more. Because of the many services provided, gas stations are referred to as ‘service stations’ thus the Aussie slang ‘servo.’

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